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A CPPCC research delegation led by Ms. Zhang Meiying, Vice Chairperson of CPPCC and First Vice Chairperson of the Central Committee of China Democratic League visited Baosteel for investigation and survey.
The 2011 Baosteel Person of the Year Award Presentation Ceremony was held at the Opera Hall of Shanghai Oriental Art Center.
Baosteel held the 2012 Work Conference and Fifth Session of the Second Employees' Congress.
Baosteel Special Steel Co., Ltd. (referred to as Baosteel Special Steel) and Shanghai Baosteel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (referred to as Baosteel Stainless Steel) were established.
Baosteel held the 2012 Party Conduct Development and Anti-Corruption Conference.
Baosteel headquarter held the 2012 Collective Consultation Meeting for Collective Contract.
“Baosteel Mobile Online” was successfully launched. Baosteel Mobile Online was a mobile business application platform offered by Baosteel to its customers, enabling them to inquire about and trade Baosteel’s spot goods resources through smart phones or tablet computers while also enjoying excellent customer services.
On the National Science and Technology Awards Conference, Baosteel received the Second Prize of 2011 National Awards for Scientific and Technological Progress for its Development and Application of Two-piece Tinplate for Pop-top Cans project.
Baosteel successfully issued RMB 2.9 billion of offshore RMB-denominated bonds. As the first non-financial enterprise from Mainland China to directly issue RMB-denominated bonds in Hong Kong, Baosteel successfully completed the bond issuance tasks and raised RMB 6.5 billion of funds.
The Fortune magazine announced the 2012 World’s Most Admired Companies 25th, among which Baosteel ranked the 25th, up by 7 positions from the 32nd position in 2011, and named again as the most admired company in the metal industry.
The Foundation Laying Ceremony for the Vietnam Baosteel Can Making Project was held in Bình Duong VSIP Industrial Park. On October 18th, the project conducted joint commissioning. At the end of October, the first of finished cans passing the quality inspection were produced. The construction of this project indicated that Baosteel's metal packaging business has taken the first step in its overseas development.
Baosteel Group Corporation and China National Petroleum Corporation signed agreement for new strategic cooperation.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. sold its stainless steel and special steel operations to Baosteel Group Corporation.
Steel Business Briefing (SBB) announced the Top 20 International Iron and Steel Enterprises by Output of Crude Steel, among which Baosteel ranked the 4th with an output of 43.30 million tons.
Baosteel Co., Ltd 1580 Hot Rolling Production Line EIC Revamping Plate Thickening Area successfully passed hot run test.
Baosteel held the Establishment and the First Meeting of its third Board of Directors. The third Board of Directors of Baosteel consisted of 4 inside directors and 6 outside directors, including Chairman Xu Lejiang, Vice Chairman Liu Guosheng, Director He Wenbo, Employee Director Zhu Yiming and Outside Directors Gan Yong, Wang Xiaoqi, Bei Kewei, Victor K. Fung, Wu Yaowen and Jing Tianliang.
The achievement of the Development and Industrialization of Low Temperature High Magnetic Induction Oriented Silicon Steel Manufacturing Technology project of Baosteel passed the expert panel review.
CPC Assembly of Baosteel Group Corporation was held. 8 delegates, namely Ma Guoqiang, Wang Li, Fu Zhongzhe, Liu Zhanying, Liu Guosheng, He Wenbo, Zhang Yang and Xu Lejiang, were elected as Baosteel's representatives at the Tenth CPC Congress of Shanghai.
Baosteel was awarded the title of 2011 China Charity Awa-Most Caring Donor Enterprise. This was the fourth time in a row Baosteel received the China Charity Award.
Baosteel inaugurated the operation entity of stainless steel and special materials businesses, namely Baosteel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and Baosteel Special Material Co., Ltd.
Baosteel and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank signed the Bank-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement.
The Baosteel Group Guangdong Shaoguan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. jointly funded and incorporated by Baosteel Group Corporation and Guangdong Provincial SASAC was inaugurated, and Guangdong Shaoguan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. officially became a member of Baosteel Group Corporation.
The Guangzhou Thin Plate Co., Ltd. jointly funded and incorporated by Baosteel Group Corporation and Guangzhou Iron and Steel Enterprises Group was inaugurated, indicating substantial progress in the restructuring of Guangzhou Iron & Steel by Baosteel.
Baosteel and PetroChina signed the Strategic Procurement Agreement.
Baosteel issued an official circular on dissolving the Development and Reform Department of Baosteel Group.
Mr. Sheng Huaren, Former Vice-Chairman of National People's Congress and his delegation visited Baosteel.
The contract for the BGM Shearing, Processing and Distribution Centre, Baosteel’s first foreign direct investment project in South Korea, was signed. This was also Baosteel’s first overseas steel processing and distribution centre new construction project.
On the 2011 Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Awards Conference, the Research and Development of Advanced High-strength Thin-strip Steel Product-Process-Equipment Integrated Technology project of Baosteel Co., Ltd. won the First Prize of Shanghai Municipal Awards for Scientific and Technological Progress.
The U.S. Forbes magazine released the 2012 Forbes Global 2000 and Baosteel ranked the 329th with annual sales revenue of USD 30.7 billion, profit of USD 2 billion and assets of USD 32.6 billion.
Meishan Iron & Steel successfully issued RMB 1 billion of medium term notes and short-term financing bonds, including RMB 500 million of 3-year medium term notes and RMB 500 million of 1-year short-term financing bonds.
The Baosteel Co., Ltd. Sintering System Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Reconstruction Project commenced construction.
Meishan Iron & Steel held First Pour Ceremony for No. 4 Continuous Casting Machine, indicating the completion of the Meishan Iron & Steel Phase II Steel-making Continuous Casting Project.
The Metal Scrap Processing and Distribution Centre Demonstration Base” of Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd. was inaugurated.
The Inauguration Ceremony for Baosteel Guangdong Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Base Project was held on Donghai Island of Zhanjiang.
The Integration of Metal Detection Technologies for Bulk Material Conveyor Belt of Ship Unloader project of Baosteel Co., Ltd. received First Prize of 2011 China Awards for Port Technological Progress.
Du Guohua from Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Li Yuchao from Baosteel Group Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. were awarded the National May Day Labor Medal.
Mr. Xu Lejiang, Chairman of Baosteel Group Corporation, was elected as a member of the 10th Shanghai CPC Committee.
China Banking Regulatory Commission qualified Huabao Trust Co., Ltd. for commissioned overseas wealth management.
Baosteel and Northeastern University signed an agreement for a new round of comprehensive cooperation (2010-2018).
The signing ceremony for Baosteel Gases-Shanghai Coking and Air Separation Asset Restructuring Cooperation was held.
Baosteel issued an official circular on the establishment of the Baosteel Group Central Research Institute (Technical Centre). The Baosteel Group Central Research Institute (Technical Centre) and Baosteel Research Institute commenced integrated operations.
The 2011 Baosteel Group CSR Report was published.
Baosteel and Shenhua Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement under which the parties would strengthen cooperation and complement each other with their respective strengths in areas such as steel materials and R&D to realize a mutually beneficial relationship.
Baosteel Mineral Wool Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Baosteel Development Co., Ltd., Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd., was inaugurated. The Corporation would rely on Baosteel’s proprietary intellectual property and be the first in China to recycle metal scrap through production of slag wool from hot molten blast furnace slag.
Baosteel and Shanghai Municipal Government signed the Cooperation Agreement for Iron and Steel Industry Restructuring in Baoshan Region to restructure the enterprises in Shanghai Baoshan Wusong Industrial Park and the Luojing Production Base.
The 2012 Fortune Global 500 was released and Baosteel ranked the 197th with an operating revenue of USD 48.9163 billion and a net profit of USD 1.8667 billion, up by 15 positions from the 212th position in 2011. This was also Baosteel’s highest ranking in Fortune Global 500 in the consecutive nine years.
World Steel Dynamics published its ranking of World’s Top Steel Enterprises, among which Baosteel ranked the 5th, up by 9 positions from the 14th last year.
Zhanjiang (Shanghai) Investment Briefing was held at Shanghai Dongjiao State Guest Hotel. Baosteel and Zhanjiang Municipal Government expressed their full dedication to the construction of Zhanjiang Green Iron and Steel Production Base.
Baosteel and China Development Bank signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement.
Baosteel and Dongfeng Motor Corporation signed a new strategic agreement.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. 2030 Cold Rolling Unit successfully rolled 50 million tons of steel.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. decided to repurchase its shares at no more than RMB 5 per share with total repurchase amount not exceeding RMB 5 billion and invest in the equity of the West-to-East Natural Gas Transportation No. 3 Pipeline Project of PetroChina Company Limited with total investment not exceeding RMB 10 billion.
Baosteel commenced the compilation of its 2013-2018 Development Plan.
The construction of Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Nanjiang Base progressed as planned and the No.1 bar unit passed the first hot run test.
The 2012 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises was published, among which Baosteel ranked the 21st.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. Coke Oven Upgrading and Integrated Reconstruction Project commenced full production.
Baosteel Group Central Research Institute (Technical Centre) officially inaugurated. Altogether 6 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering are engaged as members of the Academic Committee of Baosteel Group Central Research Institute.
On the 2012 China Iron & Steel Industry Science and Technology Conference held in Beijing, the Development and Industrialization of Low Temperature High Magnetic Induction Oriented Silicon Steel Manufacturing Technology project was awarded the only Grand Prize for China Metallurgical Science and Technology. Baosteel Co., Ltd., Baosteel Engineering and Baosteel Metal were awarded the title of Meritorious Entities in the Technology Development of China's Iron and Steel Industry.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. 1580 Hot Rolling Production Line EIC Revamping Project passed full hot run test.
Baosteel Co., Ltd., Baosteel Engineering, Baosteel Special Material and SKF China signed strategic partnership agreement.
Baosteel Group held the first Baosteel's Day with the aim to communicate corporate brand values and inspire the employees to contribute to the second entrepreneurial endeavor. During the event, the Classic Stories of Baosteel Culture (Volume 1) and the Interpretation of Baosteel’s Second Entrepreneurial Endeavor were debuted.
Baosteel and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. signed a new framework agreement in Shanghai for supply of steel materials and structures for construction projects.
Baosteel-made 690U pipes were successfully connected to No.1 evaporator of Fangchenggang nuclear power plant No.1 generator unit. This was the first time nuclear power 690 U-shape pipe was installed and applied on China’s nuclear generators ever since its domestic production and the first time a China-made material was used in the “core” unit.
The Fortune (China) magazine published the 2012 Most Admired Chinese Enterprises, among which Baosteel ranked the 10th and was the only iron and steel enterprise.
Baosteel realized the large-volume supply of 80kg-Grade Ultra-high-tenacity Super-thick Plate for Marine Engineering. The product was used in key components on maritime hoisting equipments and one of the most difficult products in thick-plate manufacturing. The successful mass production by Baosteel was the first in China.
After a decade of exploration and experimentation, Baosteel successfully realized the industrial production of Quenched and Partitioned Steel, the Third-generation Highly-moldable Ultra-high-strength steel, and supplied the product to FAW Car in large volume. So far, Baosteel has become the world’s only enterprise to realize large-volume and stable supply of the new generation economic highly-moldable ultra-high-strength steel (third generation ultra-high-strength steel) as well as the world’s only iron and steel enterprise capable of the industrial production of a comprehensive series of first, second and third generation ultra-high-strength steel.
Baosteel and Yangpu District signed framework agreement for strategic cooperation. Both parties were dedicated to forging the Ergang region into an iron and steel service industry park featuring modern characteristics and with centralized planning, integrated functions, novel models and ecological harmony.
The river-ocean ship MV Hong Sheng, loaded with over 10,000 tons of fine ore, arrived at Meishan Iron & Steel raw material terminal and therefore successfully completed its maiden voyage.
Baosteel Development Co., Ltd Baosteel Logistics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Haibao Wharf Phase I Project was officially launched.
Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Engineering Technology Centre was inaugurated. The Centre would undertake tasks such as the technology analyses and process researches in the stainless steel industry chain.
Baosteel and FAW Group signed a new framework agreement for strategic cooperation. The parties would engage in cooperation in areas such as supply chain cost and value management, R&D of new materials and early involvement in new car models.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. announced that the economic operations in Luojing region would be suspended and the COREX assets and key production technologies would be wholly transferred to Baosteel Group. Meanwhile, Baosteel Co., Ltd. also planned to acquire the 71.8032% of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel shares held by Guangzhou Municipal SASAC.
The National Energy Administration under the NDRC conducted comprehensive technical verification on the operation and pilot test results of Baosteel’s metal exhaust-to-ethanol project plant and determined that the plant achieved world-leading standards in indicators such as gas conversion rate. NEA believed that the pilot test had been successfully completed and recommended the project to enter into the industrialization stage.
The three main rating agencies, namely Standard Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch, completed the rating review for Baosteel Group Corporation and Baosteel sustained the highest credit rating in the global iron and steel industry.
Nantong Baosteel Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Large Electric Furnace Project successfully passed full-scale load test run.
On the 7th International Exhibition of Inventions, Baosteel won 29 gold, 28 silver and 42 bronze prizes for its inventions.
The Talent Development Institute was named the 2012 China’s Best Corporate University by Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the National Business Daily newspaper with the highest overall score.
Baosteel was recognized jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance as the National Demonstration Enterprise for Technological Innovation
The contract signing ceremony of the Changzhou Xinbei District Industrial Building Rooftop Photovoltaic Generation Demonstration Project, Baosteel’s first photovoltaic project outside Shanghai and the winner of the national “Golden Sun” government grant, was held in Changzhou. This was also the first rooftop photovoltaic generation demonstration project contracted by Baosteel Energy Tech Co., Ltd. of Baosteel Engineering and Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Baosteel Group Corporation Xu Lejiang was elected as an alternate member of the 18th CPC Central Committee.
Baosteel fully completed the construction of phase I project of the first cloud centre among Chinese iron and steel enterprises and officially commenced commercial operations. This indicated that Baosteel had achieved a breakthrough in promoting the corporate digitalization development and entered an era of cloud computing in the transformation and upgrading towards information-driven industrialization.
Baosteel and Siemens VAI jointly organized the first Technology Day. Technical staffs from Baosteel and Siemens VAI engaged in in-depth communications on topics such as energy conservation and environmental protection, rolling technologies and quality, processes and models and COREX.
Baosteel Silicon Steel Phase III Project No. 4 Single Stand Reversible Rolling Machine successfully passed hot run test.
Meishan Mining Phase II Extension Project was completed and commenced operation. This project was an extension on the basis of Phase I Project, Phase I Extension Project and Phase II Expansion Project from 330m below ground to 420m below ground. The cumulative extension volume was over 500,000 m3.
Baosteel and the Bank of China signed the Master Framework Agreement for Global Cash Management Service.
The 2012 Baosteel Education Awards were announced. Totally 705 students, such as Zhang Chengguang, won the Baosteel Outstanding Student Award. Altogether 101 students from Taiwan, such as Wang Jizhao, and 92 students from Hong Kong and Macau, such as Ke Lixiang won Baosteel Outstanding Student Award across Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau regions. There were 50 students, such as Zhang Junfeng, wining the Baosteel Outstanding Student Special Award. There were 249 teachers, such as Zhang Haiyang, winning the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award. Altogether 9 teachers, such as Zhao Naiqin, won the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Special Award. Other 8 teachers, such as Zhang Xinxin, won the Honorable Mention for Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Special Award.
Baosteel’s National Key Laboratory for the Development and Application of Auto Steel Technologies passed the review and acceptance organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.