What's the vision and goal of Baosteel's new round development strategy?
A:Baosteel takes "To become the first class supplier of steel products, technologies and services in the world" as the Corporate Mission; "Good faith and synergy, pursuing the maximization of corporate value" as the Core Value; "To become the leader of steel technologies; the driver of green industries; the corporate model for common development of employees and enterprise" as the Corporate Vision; The strategic goal of Baosteel is to become a world-class public company worldwide, which owns independent IPR and powerful competitiveness and wins most of the social respects, and which is featuring "the most powerful steelmaking capability and the appropriately developed diversification", so as to become the elite of Global 500.
What's the relationship between and positioning of Baosteel Group and Baosteel Co., Ltd.?
A:Baosteel Co., Ltd. is the core steel production enterprise of Baosteel Group, and the main body of Baosteel's steel production and operation. It pursues the goal of "becoming the most competitive steelmaker in the world", commits itself to the planning, R&D, procurement, production and sales of main steel business and the business related to the steel production. Baosteel Group will enhance and deepen the "1+6" combined development mode with steel production as the core business, resources development, steel further processing, engineering technology service, coal chemical, finance, renewable resources utilization and production service as the strategic diversified business, improve the resultant type business structure featuring one powerful main business and synergetic development of related diversified business.
Baosteel Group Corporation has set up a normative board of directors (in which the outside directors account for more than a half), to exercise the right of state-owned shareholders on Baosteel Co., Ltd. through the rules of board of directors with strategic management and control as the dominant approach, so as to ensure the independent and normative operation of Baosteel Co., Ltd. and spur Baosteel Co., Ltd. to grow larger and stronger. Meanwhile with the principle of conforming to the corporate development strategy, pursuing maximization of corporate value and ensuring the retention and appreciation of state-owned assets, to drive the cooperation between Baosteel and strategic investors, and the consolidation with domestic steelmakers, so as to consolidate and foster excellent resources for Baosteel Co., Ltd. Baosteel Group and Baosteel Co., Ltd. supplement each other and develop together.
What's Baosteel's strategy for environment management?
A: Baosteel minimizes the environmental hazards and energy consumption, optimizes the cost in the process of steel production through the establishment of new mechanism for environmental management, opens up new fields of Baosteel's technological leadership in respect of serialized development of energy efficiency and environmental protection products, and efficacy enhancement of materials, sets up the competitiveness in new era of steel, expands the living space of enterprises and increases the corporate contribution to the society, so as to maintain the leading advantages and become the leader of Chinese steel industry.
What opportunities does low carbon economy bring to Baosteel?
A: Baosteel is confronted with the opportunities for development in the following three aspects at least in the era of low carbon economy: 1)Environmental benign steel products: contribute to the low carbon emission of the society by developing serial products for energy efficiency and environmental protection products, and opening up new fields of Baosteel's technological leadership with efforts to enhance the efficacy of materials; 2)The energy efficiency and emission reduction technology: minimize the environmental hazard in the process of steel production by adoption of various measures, reduce energy consumption and improve cost through various energy efficiency means; reduce the emission and protect the environment to promote a harmonious society; 3)Equipment manufacture and service for energy efficiency and emission reduction of steel industry: based on Baosteel's practice, form the industrialized manufacture capacity of energy efficiency and emission reduction equipment for steel industry, and establish Baosteel's competitiveness in new era of steel through the development of energy efficiency and environmental protection service business.
How to look upon the developing trend and evolution of Chinese steel industry?
A:During the "12th 5-year" period, China will be faced with the important tasks of driving the structural adjustment of economy and transforming the development mode of economy, which will impact the development of steel industry profoundly. Chinese steel industry will meet with the changes in the following aspects: 1) Decelerated growth of domestic demand for steel; 2) Intensifying homogeneous competition, rising cost and enterprise's operation with meager profit; 3) Fragile resources guarantee; 4) Increasing pressure of carbon emission reduction; 5) Industrial upgrading and national economic and technological safety imposing higher technical and quality requirements for steel products. These requirements demand Chinese steel industry to further strengthen the elimination of outdated capacity, increase the industrial centralization degree, drive the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, enhance the independent innovation capability of the entire industry and follow a road of low energy consumption, less pollution, low emission and highly environmental protection for all-round, concerted and sustainable development.
What are the application fields of Baosteel's products?
A:Basing itself upon the main steel business, Baosteel commits itself to the production of hi-tech and high value added premium steel products, and has formed the three product series for carbon steel, stainless steel and specially alloyed steel, which are extensively applied in the industries of automobile, home appliance, petrochemical, machinery manufacture, energy and transportation, building and decoration, metal products, aerospace, nuclear power and electronic instruments,etc.
How to contact Baosteel for purchase and sales business?
A:You can directly call the call center of Baosteel Co., Ltd. by 400-820-8590 or send e-mail to customer@baosteel.com for business consultation, acceptance of quality claims, complaints and suggestions for Baosteel's steel products, you can also visit Baosteel's on-line website at http://www.baosteel.net.cn.
You can directly call Baosteel's hot line for purchase service by 400-820-1688 or send e-mail to baobuy@baosteel.com for consultation and suggestions for Baosteel's purchase business, you can also visit Baosteel's E-commerce platform for purchase at http://eps.baosteel.net.cn.
How can the investors get information of the listed companies under Baosteel Group?
A:You can log on the home page of Baosteel's portal website www.baosteel.com, click the title of "Investor Relation" and get the information of relevant listed companies.
How to get the information of relevant subsidiaries under Baosteel Group?
A:You can log on the home page of Baosteel's portal website www.baosteel.com, click the title of "Industrial Sectors" and get the relevant information of the subsidiaries in main steel business and diversified business sectors.
How to contact for interviews with or visits to Baosteel?
A:If you want to interview Baosteel, you can call Baosteel's switchboard by 58350000 and connect to the public relation department; if you want to visit Baosteel for investigation due to the need of work, you can call Baosteel's switchboard by 58350000 and connect to the reception center of administrative office; if the public wants to visit Baosteel, he can call the toll free line 400-888-0090 to contact Baosteel Group Shanghai International Travel Service.