Environment Management

The production of iron and steel products to which we are dedicated is an undertaking that benefits the mankind. As an essential material in the social development and human life, iron and steel outperforms other materials with 100% recyclability and optimal strength-weight ratio. If we significantly reduce iron and steel production now and replace it with other alternatives to ensure the status quo of life, the carbon emission of the entire social and economic system will not decrease but increase instead. We have also realized that iron and steel production is a process with relatively high energy consumption, and the iron and steel industry faces significant challenges in the global climate of energy conservation and emission reduction. Based on such realization, Baosteel proposed its environment management strategy in 2009. Environment management refers to the full process of incorporating environmental protection into corporate management and governance and integrating environmental protection with corporate development. Therefore the environment management strategy of Baosteel differs from common competition strategies, such as differentiation and cost leadership, and covers the comprehensive process of the enterprise, including product development, product design and product manufacturing. It also binds and guides the behaviors of employees and industry chain partners. Specifically, Baosteel’s environment management includes three integral parts, namely green manufacturing, green products and green industry.

Green Vision

Becoming the most competitive resource-conserving and environmental-friendly iron and steel group in the world

Management Guidelines

  • Strictly comply with state laws, regulations and standards on energy conservation and environmental protection and implement international environmental conventions;
  • Implement more stringent internal control standards and continue to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts in the course of corporate production and product usage;
  • Improve production technologies, optimize energy structure, reduce energy consumption, and cut down energy costs;
  • Systematically transform newly-acquired production units in energy conservation and environmental protection, and maintain the Corporation’s overall level of energy conservation and environmental protection;
  • Promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling, and raise recycled use efficiency;
  • Care about stakeholders’ opinions and demands and continuously improve the quality of community environment;
  • Encourage partners to continuously improve in energy and environmental management and performance;
  • Care about climate change, actively participate in domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation on energy conservation and environmental protection, promote research, development and application of energy-saving and environment-friendly technologies, and improve the global ecological environment;
  • Enhance employee awareness and ability in energy conservation and environmental protection and motivate all employees to participate in energy conservation and environmental protection.

Environmental Management System

Baosteel Co., Ltd. initiated ISO14001 certification for environmental management system as early as 1998 and was the first among Chinese iron and steel enterprises to pass this certification.

Currently all affiliated iron and steel production enterprises of Baosteel, except for Baosteel Desheng which joined Baosteel Group in 2011, have passed ISO14001 certification for environmental management system.

In addition, 85% of the industrial enterprises in the diversified industries of Baosteel have passed ISO14001 certification for environmental management system.