The production services sector shoulders two major strategic responsibilities: providing the main iron&steel business with efficient services and realizing industrialization of renewable resources utilization.

As early as in 1986 Baosteel established Baosteel Group Enterprise Development Corporation that provided production and living services for the primary business of iron&steel. In April 2008 Baosteel Group Corporation established the production services operation and management committee that was responsible for implementing its operation management function for the wholly-owned subsidiaries that provide production and living services for major iron and steel enterprises including Baosteel Development, Shanghai Meishan Co., Ltd., No. 1 Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Pudong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., No 5 Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

In 2011 the production services sector sped up its transformation. Through business integration on the basis of close coordination between No.1 Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Pudong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., No.5 Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Baosteel Development, it entered into a management phase with key responsibilities of assets management,personnel service and handling of problems left over by history; in addition it realized operation integration between Meishan Company and Meishan Iron & Steel.

Baosteel Comprehensive Industries Development Co., Ltd.

Baosteel development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group Corporation. Its predecessor was Baosteel General Enterprise Development Corporation which was founded in September. On October 12, 2007, through reform and reorganization,it was renamed as Baosteel Development Co., Ltd., which began to operate formally on January 1, 2008. Its registered capital is RMB 2.684 billion.

Its main businesses include comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, factory logistics, real estate management,production operation, life logistics, iron and steel trade, etc. It can provide integrated solutions of solid waste resources system for iron and steel enterprises and urban system, and dedicate itself to providing comprehensive solutions in plant environment services,factory services, industrial packaging services, facility services,comprehensive logistics trade and employee health services.

Baosteel development Co., Ltd. sets up 12 functional (operating) departments and 10 sub-execution units. In 2012 it realized operation revenue of RMB 16.1 billion with a total profit of RMB 50 million.


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