The coal chemical industry of Baosteel is a resource utilization industry, mainly involving gas refining after coking by the steelmaking enterprises as well as production and sales of metallurgical & chemical products. Through cyclic utilization and products transformation based on coking byproducts, it seek for value added by manufacture, exploit downstream coal chemical fields with high technology and high value added and practice concept of environmental management.

Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd.

In 1985 the Phase I project of Baosteel Chemical was completed and put into operation. It grew to be a branch under Baosteel Co., Ltd. in May 2005 and resumed independent operation in September 2007,thereby becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Co., Ltd. In April 2009 Baosteel Chemical was included as one of the diversified businesses by Baosteel Group Corporation and was responsible for the development of coal chemical sector of Baosteel. It has a registered capital of RMB 2.11 billion.

The company boasts production bases such as Shanghai Baoshan,Nanjing Meishan and Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black, in addition to subsidiaries, i.e., Nanjing Baoning Chemical Co., Ltd., Sichuan Daxing Baohua Chemical Co., Ltd., Baosteel Chemical International Trade Co., Ltd. (Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone), Shanghai Bao Chemical E-commerce Co., Ltd., and Southeast Asia Representative Office and other agencies.

Baosteel Chemical has an original value of the fixed asset of RMB 8.975 billion and a total asset of RMB 5.734 billion, with a processing capacity of 4.3 billion cubic meters of coke oven gas, 650,000 tons of tar and 250,000 tons of crude benzene and a production capacity 280,000 tons of carbon black. In terms of coke tar processing capacity,it is ranked top internationally, having the potential of developing into a world-class coal chemical enterprise.

The company produces over 50 series of products, including benzene, naphathalene, phenols, quinoline, oils, coumarone, ammonia sulfate, carbazole, anthraquinone, pitch coke and carbon black. All these products are widely applied in the fields of construction, medicine,pesticides, plastics, tyres and pigments. Baosteel refined naphthalene is rated as a national-level customer satisfaction product.

Baosteel Chemical achieved an operating income of RMB 11.5 billion and earned a profit of RMB 730 million in 2012.

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