The extended steel processing industry is the downstreamindustry of the iron and steel supply chain. Baosteel mainly deals with development of the extended steel processing industry through utilization of its advantages in respect of iron and steel production.

Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd.

Established on December 28, 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 4.05 billion, Baosteel Metal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Croup. The main business of Baosteel Metal includes metal packaging, industrial gas, metal products, and automobile trade, etc.

The metal packaging business mainly deals with 2-piece steel and aluminum cans, metal cover and tinplates. The two-piece steel cans it produces are already exclusively present in North China, East China, Southwest and South China. Furthermore, a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with Coca Cola, Pepsi-Cola and other famous international enterprises has been established. As a leading enterprise of metal color-printing in the food and beverage industry, Baosteel Metal possesses a domestically advanced UV metal color-coating printing production line.

The industrial gas business gives priority to the production of pipeline gas. It mainly develops liquid gas with additional consideration given to the development and production of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, medical and special gases, in addition to the development and application of new energy products related to industrial gases.

The metal product business mainly deals with the processing and production of various steel wires and profile steels, among which the PC (galvanized steel wire) steel wire rope for cable–stayed bridges has been widely applied in such places as the Jiangsu Sutong Bridge,the Xi-houmen Bridge in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, and the Bay Bridge in the U.S., the Machang Bridge in South Korea and other domestic and international key projects. Other products such as the cold-heading wire, oil-tempered spring steel wire, cold forming profile steel and H-shaped profile steel and so on also have strong competitive advantages in various fields. The first steel cord has passed deliver certification of users and batch delivery were realized for sawing wire.

The automobile trade business mainly deals with the trade and services for complete automobiles and second-hand automobiles. It works to forge a value chain with automobile sales, maintenance,replacement, leasing and other services related to automobiles as the core business, so as to become a famous automobile trade service provider valued by vendors, trusted by users and respected by all walks of life.

In 2012 it realized the operation revenue of RMB 11.47 billion and profit of RMB 300 million.

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