Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Bayi Iron & Steel has a complete set of production processes ranging from mining, mineral separation, sintering and coking to iron making, steelmaking and steel rolling. In addition to the Yamansu iron mine and Mengku iron mine in Hami Prefecture and Altay Prefecture of Xinjiang respectively, Bayi Iron & Steel has selfowned iron mines with considerable reserves in northern and southern Xinjiang. It also has a coal mine in Ewirgol of Urumqi which mainly produces coking coal. Bayi Iron and Steel also produces products made of iron and steel such as metalware.

Bayi Iron & Steel has an annual steel output of 8 million tons.Its products include long steel products, steel plates and steel pipes,which are mainly sold in Xinjiang and other provinces in western China. Some of the products are also exported to Central Asia.

In 2012, 7.1466 million tons of iron, 7.5485 million tons of steel and 7.1982 million tons of steel products were produced; 7.1304 million tons of steel products were sold, realizing an operation income of RMB 29.140 billion and a total profit of RMB 50.429 million.


- Add: Bayi Road, Toutunhe District, Urumchi, Xinjiang
- Postal Code: 830022
- TEL: +86 991 3893418
- FAX: +86 991 3891000