Corporate culture is the soul of corporate development that carries over the coporate value orientation and code of conduct, concentrates the corporate common belief and integral resultant force, inspires the staff's career pursuit and working zeal and drives the flourishing and sustainable development of the enterprise.

During the practice of over 30 years' reform and development, Baosteel has formed the corporporate culture regarding "spirit of strictness and demanding, road of study and innovation, striving for first-class target" as the main thread and "good faith and synergy" as the core value. As the spiritual wealth created by Baosteel people together, Baosteel culture is the source of power that drives Baosteel's second pioneering, therefore must be adhered to voluntarily and carried forward energetically.

Spirit of strictness and demanding (career development attitude),

is the spirit of solemnity and earnestness, and strict abidance by disciplines; is the spirit of following rules and being pragmatic and practical.

Road of study and innovation (career development method),

is the road of voluntary study and adept at study to master the advanced scientific and cultural knowledges; is the road of voluntary innovation and adept at innovation to carry out the work innovatively.

Striving for first-class target (career development target),

is the target of facing the world and pursuing excellence; is the target of common development of employees and enterprise, and becoming the excellent enterprise that earns much respect from the society.

Good faith (career development ethics),

is honesty and Keeping one's word.Baosteel and Baosteel employees must be loyal to the motherland, to the people, to the enterprise and to the missions; keep words to the investors, to the shareholders, to the customers, and to the suppliers. Enterprise (mainly through the managerial personnel, especially leaders of various levels) must treat the employees honestly, the employees should treat the enterprise honestly, and the employees should treat each other honestly.

Synergy (career development foundation),

is making concerted effort to realize a common goal. Synergy aims to consolidate the corporate resources effectively, give play to the effect of integration, and realize maximization of general profit and integral value.

Baosteel culture is practical culture, creative culture, enthusiastic culture, good faith, synergy and value culture. Baosteel people should be truthful and practical, creative and enthusiastic, honest and faithful, and make concerted efforts to advance side by side.

Corporate culture is unitary, all the units affiliated to Baosteel Group and all Baosteel people should form the common outlook on value, managerial philosophy and code of conduct, and on the premise of which, respect the cultures of each region and each nationality to realize the organic fusing of cultures.

The long-acting mechanism of corporate culture construction should be formed in accordance with the requirements of "cherishing it in the mind, defining it with the systems and carrying it out in the actions".