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Brief Introduction

Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Baosteel)is a typical enterprise arising from China’s reform and opening, for just on December 23, 1978, the very day following the closing of “the Third Plenary Session of the CPC Eleventh Central Committee”, Baosteel Group Corporation (“Baosteel”) had its first pile driven into the earth beside the Yangtze River in the north of Shanghai, China. Upon the development in over 30 years, Baosteel has grown into one of the most competitive iron and steel company with the highest level of modernization in China. By the end of 2014, Baosteel had a workforce of 130,000 spreading all over the globe.

Baosteel, with iron and steel as its main business, manufactures premium steel products with high technologies and a high added value and fosters three major product categories,namely carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel.Through our worldwide marketing network, these premium products not only satisfy the demand on the domestic market but are also exported to more than forty countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, extensively applied to the industries such as automobile, household appliances,petrochemical, machinery, energy, transportation,metalwork, aeronautics and astronautics, nuclear power and electronic instruments.

In the sector of auto sheets, Baosteel has become the first manufacturer capable of supplying the first, second and third generation of advanced high-strength steel in the world.

Bound up with the development of steel business, Baosteel has also endeavored to develop diversified business in steel related industries. With focuses on the steel supply chain, technology chain and resources utilization chain, Baosteel has intensified its efforts to integrate internal and external resources and improve its comprehensive competitiveness and industrial status,and formed such related industrial segments as resources development and logistics, secondary steel processing, engineering technical services, coal chemical,financial investment, production services and information services, which have maintained a synergetic development with the steel business.

In terms of operating performance, Baosteel keeps a top position in the domestic industry and among the leading global iron and steel enterprises. Year 2016 continued witnessing Baosteel on the Fortune Global 500 list for the thirteenth consecutive year and ranked at the 275th place. In addition, Baosteel was also awarded the honor of the “Most Admired Chinese Company” for another year, the only listed company in China’s iron and steel industry. The three major credit rating agencies in the world assigned Baosteel the highest credit rating among the global comprehensive iron and steel companies.

In the new year, Baosteel will deepen the reform in various aspects, speed up strategic transformation, focus on structural adjustment, reduce losses and increase profits and capability enhancement in safety and environmental
protection system so as to maintain and improve the best operating performance in the industry.Looking into the future, Baosteel is positively driving its strategic transformation from steel to materials, from manufacture to services, and from China to the world,and endeavoring to be a leader in steel technology, a driver of the green industry chain and a corporate model with common development of employees and the company.Baosteel is firmly determined to pursue its strategic goal of being the most competitive enterprise in the world, and shall also be an honest, friendly, creative and well-respected outstanding company in the world.

Corporate Mission:
Becoming a top steel product, technology and service provider in the world.
Corporate Vision:
Become the leader in the iron & steel technology;
Become the driver of green industry;
Become a corporate model for common development of staff and the Corporation
Core Values:
Integrity and Synergy
Realize The Three Transformations:
From iron & steel to materials
From manufacturing to service
From China to the world
Enhance Capabilities in Five Areas:
Technical leadership
Service foremost
Digital Baosteel
Environment management
Integration of production and financing
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