Baosteel Firstly Supplied for Large Order of High-quality Heavy Steel Plates,Domestic Production of Nuclear Power Project Use Materials in Our Country Had Achieved Great Breakthrough [ 2016-09-09 ]

Through over four months’ arduous and fierce fighting, in recent days, Baosteel Special Steel delivered ahead of time national key nuclear power project use large order of heavy steel plates, alleviating the pressing demand of this project. This was also the first time of domestic steel manufacturing enterprises to successfully supply for large order of heavy steel plates with length reaching 12m, single weight of over 12tons, signifying that Baosteel Special Steel had achieved great breakthrough in domestic production of nuclear power materials in our country.

In the last third of March, Baosteel Special Steel received urgent request for help from user hoping to produce and deliver heavy steel plates in large order in short period of time. As was known, these steel plates were used in national key nuclear power engineering project, and because quality of domestic steel plates always could not satisfy technical requirements, severe situation of failing to meet the deadline of the whole project had been caused. After knowing that Baosteel Special Steel had in recent years gained strong R&D capacity in aspect of nuclear power key materials and excellent supply performances, and in order to avoid grave losses incurred to national interests by project delay, they had made the urgent request for help to Baosteel Special Steel.

To serve the country with steel was our mission and obligation. Facing the difficulties of pressing production cycle, nearly harsh requirements for product serials, the situation that previously the company did not have any similar specifications and supply performances of this type of steel, and product specifications reached equipment limits, etc., Baosteel Special Steel resolutely undertook this contract, and spared no efforts to ensure the accomplishment of this task. Manufacture Department of Baosteel Special Steel moved fast, organized specialists to carry out numerous rounds of technical appraisal, optimized original production techniques, and at the same time established large order heavy steel plate technical difficulty tackling team headed by specialists from Special Steel Technology Center, Manufacture Department, Steel-making Plant, Plate & Strip Plant, and formed R&D production mode of trinity. The difficulty tackling team conducted detailed analysis for various items of parameters raised by the user, formed whole sets of integral production solution scheme of refinery, rolling, thermal treatment and end product flaw detection etc. with respect to user demands after full communication with the user, and accomplished property tests of delivery status and simulated status with same type of steel materials and paved sound foundation for various items of parameters of follow-up steel plates to satisfy requirements.

Manufacture Department closely collaborated with the difficulty tackling team, and carried out detailed planning and implementation of early-phase technical discussion, document compilation, quality design, mid-term technical disclosure, production tracking, property detection, later-phase completion review, and contract delivery. At the same time, they conducted timely communication on site with respect to problems possibly occurred during production to ensure that production and quality were smooth and controllable.

During production manufacture processes, various sides highly coordinated, closely collaborated and overcame difficulties of big dimensions and specifications, high production difficulties, big voltage fluctuations, and difficulty in controlling smelting speed, etc.. Chief operators commanded on site during forging process to ensure dimensions fulfill requirements at one stroke. Because end-product specifications of large order heavy steel plates exceeded internal rolling limits of Baosteel Special Steel, through coordination, Baosteel Co., Ltd. Heavy Plate Department scheduled production with priority, and finally completed rolling smoothly ten days ahead of time. Processes of slab material grinding and cutting, thermal treatment, flaw detection, and cutting and pickling etc. were the longest links in production process cycles of steel plates. Plate & Strip Plant carried out pre-arrangement and pre-control with respect to production characteristics, strictly formulated production time nodes, conducted full-process tracking of production and commanded and collaborated on site to ensure accurate execution of technical key points. Quality Assurance Department under the circumstances of numerous quantity of joint inspection testing samples and difficulty of processing, timely accomplished processing of testing samples and property joint inspection.

Under concerted efforts of cooperation of various sides, large order heavy steel plates were fully qualified in aspects of rolling precision, cutting accuracy, property quality and flaw detection etc., and were delivered to user twenty days ahead of time compared with the original plan, greatly exceeded user expectations, and won precious time for follow-up processing for user. This tough fighting fully displayed the capacity of Baosteel Special Steel in daring to fight tough battles and capability of winning and the initial determination of sticking to serving the country with steel.

Source:Baosteel News Centre