Xu Lejiang, Chen Derong emphasized in Ouyeel not to forget the original mind [ 2016-09-28 ]

In the critical moment of corporate transformation development, during the rapid iteration course of “Internet + Steel”, some body are bound to be busy even in holidays. On October 7, Party secretary and chairman of Baosteel Group Corporation, and chairman of Ouyeel Xu Lejiang, president and vice chairman of Baosteel Group Corporation, and president of Ouyeel Chen Derong went to Ouyeel R&D Center to visit and extend their regards to the system development personnel who worked overtime for the restructuring project of Ouyeel platform, and made investigation work on Ouyeel’s unified platform construction. (as shown in the picture). Xu Lejiang, Chen Derong emphasized not to forget the original mind, carrying the transformation development mission, solving the pain spot of steel industry, keeping improving the service level of total industry chain of steel, and creating value from it, to boost the rapid development of Ouyeel.

At 9 am, Xu Lejiang, Chen Derong went to Ouyeel E-Commerce R&D Center, and directly walked into the office of the restructuring project team of Ouyeel platform, over 100 system development personnel from Ouyeel and Baosight Software were busy with their respective work. Xu Lejiang, Chen Derong learned about the project progress while thanked them for their hardworking. When they learned that part of the functions will realize first stage on line in tonight, they urged relevant personnel to “ensure safety and stability, not to affect the platform users”. Then, Xu Lejiang, Chen Derong went to the project testing area, dozens of development personnel were conducting system testing of restructured platform, some were making one-to-one customer service, invited users to try the new functions of the system, meanwhile collected users’ comments and suggestions. Xu Lejiang, Chen Derong extended the festival greetings to them, and shook hands with the user’s representatives on site, wishing them to provide more valuable opinions and suggestions and help Ouyeel to improve the platform functions continuously.

After that, Xu Lejiang, Chen Derong went to the head office of Ouyeel, and made special investigation on the construction of Ouyeel’s unified platform. Ouyeel E-commerce, Baosight Software respectively reported the conception of Ouyeel’s unified platform construction and the progress of restructuring platform project. The principals of the business sectors of Ouyeel E-commerce, Ouyeel Logistics, Ouyeel Finance, Ouyeel Data and Ouyeel Materials, etc. talked about their respective views about the the construction of Ouyeel’s unified platform.

Since established two years ago, with “Internet+steel” as the development positioning, Ouyeel has realized rapid innovation of business modes, the rapid growth of business scale and the unceasing discovery of data value. Along with Ouyeel’s rapid development, it is more and more difficult for the original platform structure to satisfy the developmental needs of Ouyeel, while the different business of e-commerce, logistics and finance are realizing their rapid developments, it becomes more and more important to create more value-added business by further improving the relevancy between businesses. In January this year, Ouyeel initiated platform restructuring project, intending to build Ouyeel’s unified platform, unified planning and unified layout, to realize the integration of Ouyeel platform through technological upgrading of platforms and system function improvements, so as to support the rapid upgrading and updating of Ouyeel’s business in future. In July, the project entered the stage of system development, the system functions will be put on-line gradually in stages. It is estimated that the seamless switch-over between the new platform and the original each platform can be realized in June next year. By then, the unified platform based on the new structure will become the unified login entrance by Ouyeel’s users of different businesses, the realization of Push-To-Talk will make the users to feel more convenient and efficient, and the internal big data of Ouyeel can also been excavated and utilized more effectively. The restructuring project of Ouyeel platform is difficult, not only involving the optimization and consolidation of many business in terms of technology, but also guaranteeing not to affect the users when the system functions are put on-line.

Chen Derong pointed out in the investigation that Ouyeel carries the important mission of Baosteel’s transformation development, which is highly expected by the Group Corporation. According to the Group Corporation’s development target of “Three Transformation”, Ouyeel is practicing 3 transformation direction, i.e. “From steel to materials, from manufacturing to service and from China to the world”, and this understanding becomes more and more unified internally in Ouyeel. However, Ouyeel’s various businesses develops fast nowadays, but Ouyeel has not formed its core products and does not have the unified platform structure. He emphasized not to forget the original mind, and come back to the original point. What’s Ouyeel’s original point? It is the construction of service type ecological system. Firstly, to create values for customers, solve the problems such as asymmetry of information, low efficiency of logistics system, low financial efficiency, low efficiency of corporate operation, etc. He believed these are the 4 pain spots faced by the steelmakers at present. While solving these pain spots, Ouyeel should also pursue the corporate value, and operate in a down-to-earth manner. Finance is the core business of Ouyeel, the so-called integration of industry and finance, is to reflect the unification of business flow, material flow and capital flow in the core products of Ouyeel, and realize overall coverage and integration of multiple businesses. The construction of unified platform, is to realize unification from the perspective of methodology; as to the corporate operation, it is the establishment of core products. The two are reciprocal causation, if both can be realized, Ouyeel can really establish its industrial standing and the positioning of future development. Chen Derong wished that each unit of Ouyeel can profoundly understand how to implement the business promotion course, incorporate Ouyeel;s culture, ideas and values into Ouyeel people’s blood, really establish the mode of “customer centered” thinking, and push forward Ouyeel to keep advancing.

After listening to the report by each party, Xu Lejiang vividly assimilated the construction of Ouyeel unified platform to “the construction of a mansion”, as the unified entrance of different businesses. He believed that, in view of the objective law of global e-commerce development, the construction of unified platform is imperative, “can not survive long if not restructuring”. As e-commerce of steel, we have accumulated many years’ experience in manufacturing, sales, processing and service, etc., and should lead other competitors of e-commerce of steel with our unique advantages. Meanwhile, he emphasized that, “the mansion can not be built on the sandbeach, the foundation must be fast and secure”. He said, as a state-owned enterprise, we are obviously on the way for the development of e-commerce. Ouyeel has two most important things to do at present, one is the construction of unified platform, the other is the cultivation of Ouyeel people and Ouyeel culture. Confronted with the times demand of Internet enterprises in future, we must be clear, where are the users? How to create value by enhancing service? Change concept, act first and try first. “If not doing so, we can not be called as the most excellent steel enterprise.” Xu Lejiang believed that, after the practice of nearly 2 years, Ouyeel’s business mode makes people more confident about the development of e-commerce of steel. Xu Lejiang wished that Ouyeel can play the role of “Dagger Squad” in the transformation development of Chinese steel industry, never forget where we started, solve the pain spot of the industry, provide better service to the customers, create own value, and realize self development.

Source:Baosteel News Centre