Sharing the latest composite plate application technology,The 5th Baosteel Science and Technology Sharing Forum was held [ 2016-07-27 ]

Recently, The 5th Baosteel Science and Technology Sharing Forum sponsored by Baosteel Metal Society- "composite plate application technology meeting" was held in Baosteel Talent Development Institute.

Baosteel Science and Technology Sharing Forum aims to build an internal academic exchange and interaction platform for group company scientific and technical personnel, improving to the group-wide sharing on latest technological developments of the iron and steel, creating science and technology innovation atmosphere, serving for the realizing of Baosteel technology leadership strategy.

Chief engineers and experts from Baosteel marketing centers, equipment department, iron making plant, Baosteel Chemical, Baosteel central research institute introduced Baosteel current composite rolling technological developments to the participants, while combining with the user experience in the use of Baosteel composite plates, interacted with participants to discuss the future development direction of Baosteel composite rolling technology.

Baosteel carried out the research of rolling composite plate production process technology in 2008, achieving rolling composite plate slab combinations, slab rolling and other key technology breakthrough. In 2014, it was the first time Baosteel realized the mass delivery of composite plate; in March 2015, the rolling composite products for National Demonstration Project CAP1400 nuclear power plant safety injection tank was delivered for usage; in May this year, the first rolling composite plate exported to Italy was completed post and delivered. At present, Baosteel is able to supply carbon steel homogeneous , carbon steel and stainless steel heterogeneous, carbon steel and nickel-based alloy heterogeneous rolling composite plate, with product specifications covering heavy plate, hot-rolled, cold-rolled whole production line, able to provide rolling composite steel plate / roll with a variety of thicknesses for customers.

Mr. Zhi Xiwei, Baosteel deputy general manager said on the forum, the rolling composite plate products is one of the important support for the company to respond to market competition, with important strategic significance for company. In the next phase we shall play the advantage and accumulation of company production marketing and research team, summing up investment, engineering welding technology, project application and other basic data, completing various work on product certification and other aspects to promote cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly composite plate product application and promotion together, promoting green manufacturing for the benefit of society.

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Rolling composite plate is the combination property new material both with composite layer functionality and basement layer structural, able to provide reliable materials support for the industry upgrade of petroleum, chemical, railways, bridges, buildings, marine engineering, shipbuilding, power generation and many other industries, as one of the key breakthroughs of "China 2025" iron and steel materials aspects.

Source:Baosteel News Centre