Worldwide debut of two new high-end oriented silicon steel products of Baosteel,Closely stare world first class From catch up to leading [ 2016-08-01 ]

High-end oriented silicon steel manufacturing technology of our country plays the strongest voice. On the second Baosteel oriented silicon steel EVI forum of 2016 which was held the other day,  worldwide debut of the two new high-end oriented silicon steel products with the trade mark of B27R080 and B30R090 which was independently developed by Baosteel represented the highest level of the oriented silicon steel manufacturing technology with the same specification on the current world. This is an important milestone for the development of oriented silicon steel of our country realizing from catching-up to leading, which will promote the development of electric power industry of our country onto a new step.

In the mid of 1990s, Baosteel got into the independent research and development of oriented silicon steel, realized production of the independently integrated production line. Based on the high starting point target of "one generation of R&D, one generation of production and one generation of reserve", guided by "Three-year catch up plan" and "Three-year leading plan", Baosteel continuously compared with the standard of world-leading oriented silicon steel development technology, through years of efforts, Baosteel finally realized complete coverage of the high-end oriented silicon steel product grades and mass stable supply, the products were used in domestic major projects, such as the Three Gorges underground power station and transmission of electricity from the western to the easter region, the technology has reached the international leading level, which made contributions in getting rid of the import dependence for oriented silicon steel of our country.

In recent years, the state has put forward higher requirements on energy conservation and high efficiency of electrical equipment. As the important performance index of the oriented silicon steel, magnetic induction and iron loss are the key factors influencing that whether the core manufacturing is energy-efficient or not. Energy-efficient transformer core has extreme high requirement on the iron loss and magnetic induction of the oriented silicon steel, as well as strict requirements on the index of noise level, insulation level, operating safety and service life, etc. This time, the two new worldwide debuted products of Baosteel not only meet the above mentioned requirements, but also make the core production be with less material and more convenient processing.

Baosteel adheres to high-end route for the oriented silicon steel, promotes independent innovation of process technology and continuously challenges various specifications of high-end products. On the basis of experience accumulated over the years, Baosteel did deep research on the product composition system and process route, through arduous efforts, Baosteel got major breakthroughs on development. The result shows that iron loss index of the new products can be reduced by 6% and 8% respectively comparing with the last grade of product of the same specification, also the magnetic induction is better. After several users used the transformer core, Baosteel product quality is indicated to be good and completely can be used for higher levels of transformer manufacturing.

The industry insiders indicate that debut of the two new high-end oriented silicon steel products of Baosteel not only realized upgrading of its own product series and process technology, but also will promote the development of electric power facility manufacturing of our country to the high-end level, safe and energy-efficient electric power will also continuously enter the ordinary families.

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Oriented silicon steel which is the important functional material for the electric power industry is called as "the bright pearl on steel product crown" for the features of narrow process window and great development difficulties, etc., it is mainly used for manufacturing of iron core which is the core component of the motor and transformer equipment. For a long time, high-end oriented silicon steel required for the motor and transformer equipment of our country has always dependent on import.

Source:Baosteel News Centre