Baosteel selected excellent case of environmental management for green development [ 2016-08-01 ]

In order to further deepen various tasks of environmental management of Baosteel, promote further harmonization between various subsidiaries and the city and improve green development level of Baosteel, recently, Group Company decided to award the title of "Baosteel green development-excellent case of environmental management" to 10 cases of Baosteel Corporation, such as "Raw material stockyard greenhouse and environmental protection revamping of silo", etc.

In 2009, Baosteel put forward the environmental management strategy and comprehensively promoted the implementation of three major tasks, including green manufacturing, green product and green industry. Various subsidiaries implemented a large number of technical revamping projects for energy conservation and environmental protection, developed a lot of green products and constantly made breakthroughs in respect of green industry development. Meanwhile, various subsidiaries take the realization of harmonious development with the city as the important embodiment for improvement of the enterprise social image and realization of the enterprise sustainable development, and carries out a series of activities to promote the urban ecological civilization construction.

The case collection work was organized by Energy and Environmental Protection Department of Group Company, which got wide support from various units, 37 cases for selection were received. Contents of cases include multiple areas, such as energy management, environmental protection, new energy construction, comprehensive utilization of resources, hazardous waste treatment, city and industry integration, etc., which comprehensively reflected the effect of environmental management work of Baosteel Group and provided experience for further development in the future for various units. Through serious appraisal by expert appraisal team and vote on Wechat by the staff, ten cases were awarded as "Baosteel green development-excellent case of environment management", including "Raw material stockyard greenhouse and environmental protection revamping of silo" of Baosteel Corporation, "Application of S-SCR flue gas denitration technology in No.4 Sintering of Baosteel Corporation" of Baosteel Engineering, etc.In the case of "Raw material stockyard greenhouse and environmental protection revamping of silo" of Baosteel Corporation, through implementation of closed revamping of raw material stockyard and construction of new closed environment friendly stockyard, the plant headquarters directly under Baosteel Corporation realized "Ore into the tent, coal into the bunker" for the raw material, reduced the stockyard area, increased green transition zone between the production area and living area, improved greening rate and reduced the impact from the amorphous dust on the surrounding environment to the minimum. In the case "New way of coking wastewater" of Baosteel Chemical, through constant research and exploration, Baosteel Chemical and Zhanjiang Iron & Steel jointly chose to adopt advanced A-O-A-O biological denitrification treatment process to send the original standard effluent water to the combined artificial wetland for further organism removal, then the effluent water from the artificial wetland will be sent to the ironmaking unit to be used as replenishment of the slag flushing water, with no drainage of waste water.

The new round of planning of Baosteel proposes a development strategy of "Green, high quality and intelligent manufacturing". Baosteel will adhere to the green development and innovation-driven, combine the three major tasks of environmental management with the three major functions of the modern steel enterprises, including "Green steel manufacturing, efficient energy conversion, elimination and utilization of the large city waste", keep efforts to build Baosteel into a highly social respected green enterprise with high integration between industry and city.

Source:Baosteel News Centre