The Iron-making Discipline Committee of Society of Metals of Baosteel Calls on Team Cooperation and Knowledge-sharing Exchanges to Promote the Technology Progress In its Academic Annual Meeting [ 2014-10-10 ]

A few days ago, an academic annual meeting was held by the Iron-making Discipline Committee of Society of Metals of Baosteel, more than 40 experts and technical personnels in the fields of steel-making, from Baosteel Co., Ltd, Baosteel Stainless Steel, Shaoguan Iron and steel, NingBo Steel, Bayi Steel, Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, Baosteel Engineering, Baosteel Central Research Institute and other relevant units and Association of Science and Technology of Baosteel, made in-depth discussions on the several topics based on their own working practice, the topics, including, reduction on energy-saving emission and reduction on production cost, and improvement on the driving force of innovation on iron-making technology; finally, they reached the consensus on many issues.

During the discussion, the representitives from Ningbo Steel, Shaoguan Iron and Steel, Baosteel Co., Ltd, Meishan Steel and Central Research Institute of Baosteel were sharing their experience with the meeting participants, they gained it from the production practices and scientific researches in the field of iron-making in the last year. Meanwhile, the participants also had have full exchanges on how to solve the technical difficulties in smelting iron production by means of optimizing the iron-making processes, how to provide technical services and supports to the Zhanjiang Iron and Steel.

On the meeting, Iron-making Discipline Committee requested that Iron-making Technology Research Institute of Central Research Institute of Baosteel should share with other units their research results in optimized proportion of coal blending and mine blending as a major task in the next stage; Besides, they found out a balance between energy consumption, yield and cost of hot metal so as topromotes the technology progress in energy saving and environmental protection in the process of engineering and construction; Improving the ability in summarizing and evaluating on the technology developed; Adapting itself to the degradation trend in raw material and fuels, striking good balance between iron, coke and sintering properly. Finally, it achieves the most optimized cost of hot metal.

Mr, Li Haiping, the executive vice chairman of Association of Science and Technology of Baosteel attended the meeting. The Conference called on doing better in team cooperation and knowledge-sharing exchanges to promote the technology progress, making an integrated development in the three aspects of R&D, technical exchange, put the research result into practice, and thus,they can adapt itself to the more stricter environmental protection regulatory requirements in the process of implmenting the projects to improve the environment.

Source:Baosteel News Centre