The China's First Procurement Base for Metal Products to the Overseas Markets Opens a Businesses in the Baoxin Hengyuan Logistics Park [ 2014-10-09 ]

On September 29th, The China's first procurement base for metal products to the overseas markets opened its businesses in Baoxin Hengyuan Logistics Park.

The Baoxin Hengyuan Logistics Park, is a large-scale steel products logistics industry park, was developped by Bayi Steel and the Twelfth Division of Agricultural Reclamation together in a cooperative way, it has made full use of the facilities in this new logistics park at the end of 2012. Up to now, the total investment of nearly 1,000,000,000RMB had been invested to the logistics park; Besides, it is expected that the handling capacities of the whole park would have reached up to 4,000,000 tons of steel products in 2014, with the sales revenue exceeding 20,000,000,000RMB.

Bayi Steel remarked that they would like to promote the development of the logistics park further, and they spare more efforts to build it into one of the most marketing influential logistics center, trade center, wholesale center and purchasing center of the metal products within Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region and even within the Central Asia, and thus, it could make new contributions to the economic development, social stability and the long-term peace and security in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Source:Baosteel News Centre