" China red lantern " manufactured by Baosteel stood erect in Antarctic ice sheet, and main building of Taishan research base had been officially completed and put into use [ 2014-02-14 ]

At 11 am on February 8th, China's fourth scientific research station in Antarctica- main building of Taishan research base had been officially completed and put into use. This was the first time for Baosteel to adopt " engineering、procurement、construction"- EPC which referred to the method of total package construction, and it was a landmark building constructed in Antarctica scientific research stations.In addition, project manager of Baosteel-Ye Chao was appointed by State Oceanic Administration as assistant station master for Taishan research base of Chinese Antarctic research stations.

Taishan research base was located in Princess Elizabeth Land which was situated between already built Zhongshan station and Kunlun station, had an altitude of 2,621 meters, average annual temperature was minus 36.6 degree celsius, and belonged to a station for inland investigation and spending summer. The total construction area of Taishan station was 1000 square meters, of which the area of main building was 410 square meters. Its appearance was a roundness with the sense of streamline, and there was an observatory which was similar to "lantern cap" in the appearance and was bottom overhead. It looked like a red lantern hanging in the Antarctic ice and snow from a great distance, therefore, " China red lantern " became a nickname of Taishan station. Taishan station used steel frame supports as its structural systems, and main body construction was divided into three layers, including the ground floor for storage, the middle floor for accommodation and the top floor for scientific research and observation. After Taishan station is completed, it not only can meet requirements for 20 people to spend summer and investigate, but also will become the frontier supports of scientific research in Kunlun station, which plays an important role for China to further expand the investigated fields and scope of Antarctica scientific research.

Taishan station construction was composed of main building and auxiliary facilities. Last November 7, urban construction business unit of Baosteel Engineering-16 project designers and constructors like Ye Chao and Zhou Ling along with Chinese Antarctic scientific research teams set off from Shanghai, which was the 30th time for them to take "Chinare". After arriving in Zhongshan station on December 2, construction equipments and building materials were transported to the construction site through helicopters and sleigh cars, and then the preparation before constructing Taishan station was made. On December 28, main body project of Taishan station was officially started, and through 45-day limit constructions by builders, it achieved the intended target successfully.

It is reported that Ye Chao will go to Taishan station leading a team at the end of this year to construct other auxiliary facilities besides main building.

Picture 1 shows the Taishan station after completing exterior facade.

Picture 2 shows steel structure hoisting in top observation layer.

Picture 3 shows capping for main body steel structure. 

Source:Baosteel News Centre