At the symposium for 2014 Baosteel Co., Ltd construction systems, various units showed to jointly build a competitive steel dream factory hand in hand [ 2014-02-13 ]

On February 6, the symposium for 2014 Baosteel Co., Ltd construction systems was held on Donghai Island of Zhanjiang City. Chairman of Baosteel Group Corporation and secretary of the party committee- Xu Lejiang, general manager of Baosteel Co., Ltd- Dai Zhihao, general manager of China Metallurgical Group Corporation- Guo Wenqing, and vice general manager-Huangdan attended the symposium. The symposium was hosted by vice general manager of Baosteel Group Corporation, chairman of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel, and chief commander of engineering headquarter in Zhanjiang Iron & Steel- Zhao Zhouli.

In the meeting, general manager of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel, and deputy commander of engineering headquarter in Zhanjiang Iron & Steel- Sheng Genghong reported the construction progress of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel. Since last May, the main project of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel entered the stage of comprehensive construction, and the amount of pile foundation of main project of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel has reached 26,127 sets so far. Among them, blast furnace body, hot blast stove, ore coke tank foundation, the foundation slabs for no.3 and no.4 steelmaking converter have been completed, 300,000 tons of wharf engineering and self-provided power plant engineering have entered the stage of equipment installation and debugging, some workers' apartments and canteens which are the auxiliary projects of production in eastern part of factory have been put into operation, and other public auxiliary projects are successively under construction as planned and going smoothly.

At the symposium, the people in charge of business units for design, construction and equipment  from CISDI, Baosteel Engineering, Mcc 20, Baoye, Erzhong Group and so on made an exchange and a speech. They said that they wanted to move forward with Baosteel hand in hand, tighten construction period, ensure construction quality, safety and investments, which aimed to try their best to construct engineering projects well and help Baosteel earlier realize Zhangjiang steel dreams.

Dai Zhihao said that this year was a key year for the construction project of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel base and a year for overcoming difficulties. Engineering construction was a comprehensive examination of all participation units and a challenge of realizing self-surpassing. He also said over many years, Baosteel and builders on different fronts of design, equipment and construction cooperated closely who were in the same boat, and formed a good cooperation history and tradition. He hoped that all participation units together with Baosteel had the courage of fighting to win or die and crossing the rubicon, inherited the experience accumulated through serving Baosteel for several years, and used the first-class quality to perform well in engineering design, projects management and services, ensuring engineering quality and constructing Zhanjiang Iron & Steel well hand in hand.

Guo Wenqing said at the symposium, Zhanjiang Iron & Steel was another key battleground for Baosteel staffs to create brilliant steels, which was of great significance. Since the launch of the project, 13 subsidiaries of China Metallurgical Group Corporation participated in project design and construction. Now there are thousands of staffs with mental state of " no delaying and not slacking off for one day " who worked in the frontline of construction and design and moved forward toward the stated goal. In addition, he required all participation units to obey overall situation, listen to instructions, give full play to the first-class design level, and be equipped with first-class construction technology, which tried to win credit for developing Baosteel business and win glory for developing Chinese steel business.

Xu Lejiang, on behalf of Baosteel, showed sincere thanks to a large number of design, construction and project management personnels who worked hard in engineering construction of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel and expressed wishes for New Year. He said, during more than 30 years, the development of Baosteel can not realize without their supports. Now, we meet again on the Donghai Island of Zhanjiang, jointly realize the steel dream of Baosteel and Zhanjiang, and work hard for realizing the dream that Chinese steel makes the nation more powerful. Xu Lejiang stressed that current construction of Zhanjian Iron & Steel had entered the stage of comprehensive construction, and the goal of Baosteel was not only to build Zhanjiang Iron & Steel well, but also to make Zhanjiang Iron & Steel become a competitive steel dream factory. He hoped all construction units sticked to the principle of safety first, and ensured construction quality, progress and investments, at the same time, maintained a strict standard in integrity, and realized high-quality engineering projects and excellent cadres. He firmly believed that as long as all parties cooperated closely, inherited and carried forward Baosteel spirit of "85?9", sticked to the concept of " PDCA + seriousness" and " simpleness, high efficiency and low costs", actively behaved and were realistic and pragmatic, we must be able to complete all construction tasks of base projects in Zhanjiang Iron & Steel, reach new heights and create the glory again.

Source:Baosteel News Centre