Baosteel Packaging Co.,Ltd. Establishes [ 2010-08-18 ]

Shanghai Baosteel Packaging Co.,Ltd. is established and inaugurated recently. This is a major decision made by Baosteel in order to enlarge and enforce the metal packaging industry, to enhance core competitiveness and to allocate resource efficiently.  

The newly established Shanghai Baosteel Packaging Co.,Ltd consists of Shanghai Baoyi Can-making Co.,Ltd., Baosteel Can-making branch companies located in Chengdu, Foshan, Hebei and Wuhan, the originally Shanghai Baosteel Iron-printing Co., Ltd. and its Beijing branch. This newly established company put together the production, management and sales skills of metallic steel two-piece cans and metallic iron-printing in Baosteel Metal Co.,Ltd. The assets scale extends to RMB 1 billion.

Under the guideline of establishing a wholesome developmental system (management creativity and revolution, technical innovation combined with extension of business), with its goal of focusing on industrial direction, planning resource allocation systematically, leading the metal packaging business to prosperity and creating first-class industry in the nation, and following the new round of Baosteel's developmental strategy, Baosteel Metal strives to become the most competitive metal packaging industry in China. Through the re-allocation of the 5 can-making enterprises and two iron-printing enterprises, it is certain that the 7 enterprises in all parts of the country realize unity in developemental strategy, manufacturing and sales technique, quality control, cost and assets management. Besides, with the establishment of platforms in research and innovation, in business intelligence and information, human resource training, centralized purchasing, consistent system of financial management and market and strategic users' discussion and decision, the limited amount of resource is surely to be allocated efficiently among the 7 enterprises. 

Up to the year 2015, Shanghai Baosteel Packaging Co., Ltd. 's manufacturing capacity is expected to reach 10 billion cans, 250,000 tons of iron prints, realizing RMB 10 billion of sales, and becoming No.1 among competitors in the nation.

Source:Baosteel News Centre