World’s First Set BSSF Stainless Steel Slag Treatment Device of Baosteel Successful Autonomous R&D Operated Well [ 2016-09-28 ]

World’s first set BSSF stainless steel slag treatment device manufactured by Baosteel and whose proprietary intellectual property rights were owned by Baosteel had been running for over half a year in Dongfang Special Steel in Zhejiang with fine service conditions, and attracted universal concern within the industry. This was news obtained recently by reporter from Dongfang Special Steel.

How to treat steel slag formed during stainless steel production process was a big headache. Traditional treatment methods could generate a great amount of devastating materials containing dust steam and dust, etc., easily causing corrosion to workshops and surrounding facilities.

Dongfang Special Steel was one stainless steel short-process enterprise in Jiaxing. According to agreement, Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd. Baosteel Energy would provide one set of BSSF stainless steel slag treatment device to Dongfang Special Steel with annual designed stainless steel processing capacity of 150,000 tons. In September last year, this project started construction in Dongfang Special Steel.

During construction process, specialists of Baosteel Central Research Institute and Baosteel Co., Ltd. fully collaborated, and conducted four items of targeted optimization for the barrel slag equipment, and realized new breakthrough in aspect of treating technologies, which could not only treat carbon steel slag, but also treat stainless steel slag of more complexity in property and higher difficulty. Hot-load trial-run of this project was successfully accomplished in March this year. Because full set of key equipment to ensure slag not falling to ground from the barrel equipment to material yard and high-efficient dedusting device were equipped, full cleaning effects were achieved. At the same time, stainless steel slag after being treated by barrel special techniques could directly enter ball grinder for follow-up separation and sorting process, and realized slag steel separation and comprehensive utilization of follow-up tailing.

According to introductions by vice manager of Energy and Environment Protection Equipment Department of Dongfang Special Steel Hu Jianjun, this set of BSSF stainless steel slag treatment device, whose current daily treatment volume basically maintained to be around 700 tons, had kept a fine level of device stability and steel slag treatment quality. What was more important was it solved long-existing environment protection problems, and made out a new road for further in-depth exploration of recycling economy.

Source:Baosteel News Centre