Hot-rollled wear-resistant steel

By taking its own advantages of technical abilities at the existing equipment level in manufacturing equipment, Baosteel developed successfully BW series of hot rolled wear-resistant steels with high-performance and thin-thinness firstly in China. The steel is mainly featured with thin thinness, good shape, stable performance and high quality, and high efficiency in production. The series products are suitably applied in manufacturing medium and heavy trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, concrete mixers, industrial fans, hoppers, scrap machine and so on.


T92 tubes applied in high-pressure boiler

To meet the urgent demands of manufacturing the key components for the supercritical boiler and for the requirements of energy saving, Baosteel has launched the development and manufacturing of T92 tubes for high-pressure boiler, and it was the first company which has mastered the production process technologies in full flow consistent system in manufacturing T92 tubes in the process of smelting, billet making, pipe making, heat treatment in China. According to the statistics shown in the comprehensive performance assessmentof the products, as well as the feedbacks from practical applications by power plants, boiler plants, and third-party assessment, the technical indicators and its performance of Baosteel's T92 are in line with the requirements of ASME and GB5310 standard. The quality of steel pipes are as high as the ones of the similar products made by the overseas manufacturers, and the imported pipes can be replaced by these products. In addition, it filled a gap in the domestic market.


Hot-rolled high strength steel for automobile structure

Baosteel's hot-rolled high strength steel for automobile structure is with low inclusion content and pure steel by adopting advanced smelting technology. It adoptes precise control rolling and controlled cooling technology to obtain microstructures to satisfy using requirements, which is widely used for important parts such as wheel, crossbeam, carriage, axle, drive shaft, chassis and suspension. Using high strength steel instead of low strength steel can obviously reduce the automobile weight and to some extent reduce cost.


High strength cold forming hot-rolled steel for construction machinery

High strength and ultra-high strength steels for construction machinery were first developed in China by Baosteel in 2000. This series of high strength steel is low carbon low alloy steel with good weldability, cold formability and high toughness at low temperature, which is widely used in the field of construction machinery, automobile structure and marine container industries.By switching from conventional steel to high strength steel, the designed thickness and structure weight can be obviously reduced.Attachment: product manual of high strength cold forming hot-rolled steel for machinery construction


High strength, super-high strength cold rolling automobile sheet

Combining with the requirements on lightening of auto body and environmental protection, Baosteel lead the development of producing automobile high strength steel in China. At present Baosteel has one special line for high strength steel production to produce cold rolling, pure hot galvanization high strength and super-high strength steel, which has produced martensitic steel with max.tensile strength 1500MPa, ready for the preparation of automobile body materials to meet the requirements on energy saving and environmental protection of automobile industry.


Chrome-free fingerprint resistant galvanization

Baosteel environmental fingerprint resistant galvanization series products with advanced science technology and fine quality, completely serve for OA industry including copy machine, printer, fax machine and scanner. The product reaches high requirements on material performance, dimension preciseness and stability control, which has passed product certification by several industrial leading companies.


High magnetic induction oriented electrical steel

Oriented electrical steel is a symbolic product to measure steel company production technology and management level by its high technical content and strict production control. Baosteel carried on self integration of production technology and equipment on oriented electrical steel, organized production 100% based on process diagram of high magnetic induction oriented electrical steel. By present, products have become important cooperation partner for domestic large transformer suppliers in Shenyang, Xi'an, Hengyang and Baoding as well as famous international corporates such as ABB\Alstom\SIEMENS. The products has passed the production certification by National Grid, 500KV and above 500KV large transformers will be applied for three gorges project, which plays a positive role for national power supply and energy safety.


High strength seamless structural steel tube

In the field of modern engineering machinery and steel structure architecture, in order to bear higher load, reduce structure self weight as well as guarantee the safety of structure, people ask higher requirements on structural pipe materials. S770QL\S890QL are the high strength physical structural tube latest developed by Baosteel with the feature of high strength, good tenacity, resistance to brittle fracture and high weldability.

Besides quenching and tempering heat treatment process, Baosteel outstanding smelting equipment and process control ensure the low content of harmful elements such as P, S in the S770QL\S890QL high strength physical structural tube and its high purity of steel, which reduce the probability of brittle fracture, increase its tenacity and easy for the further tube processing and forming.


Petroleum cracking tube P5\P9 series

It has been successfully applied into some famous enterprises such as Maoming Petrochemical , SHI, ZRCC. With the analysis of East China University of Science & Technology, the chemcial componenet and various performance index of P9 petroleum tube produced by Baosteel has reached even exceed the level of the same imported products. The products has been used by Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical etc. For more than 3 years and can satisfy the need of petroleum chemical material.