The coal chemical industry of Baosteel Group is a resources utilization type industry to match the development of main steel business, represented by Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as "Baosteel Chemical") as the flagship. In Baosteel's new round development, the strategic objective of Baosteel Chemical is to become the most competitive solution provider in the field of coking chemical by-product utilization; by means of the recycling and product transformation based on coking chemical by-product, to pursue added value in processing, explore hi-tech content and high value added downstream coal chemical field and practise the concept of environmental management.

Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd.

In 1985, phase 1 project of Baosteel Chemical was completed and put into operation. In May 2005, it became a branch under Baosteel Co., Ltd., however in September 2007, it resumed the independent operation, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Baosteel Co., Ltd. In April 2009, Baosteel Group Corporation listed Baosteel Chemical as one of Baosteel's diversified businesses to be responsible for the development of Baosteel's coal chemical industry. Its registered capital is RMB 2.11 billion.

Baosteel Chemical possesses 3 production bases i.e. Shanghai Baoshan, Nanjing Meishan and Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black, and the companies such as Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Baoning Chemical Co., Ltd. It also has equity participation in Shanxi Taihua Baoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

With the original value of fixed assets of RMB 6.8 billion, the total assets of RMB 4.8 billion, the processing capacity of 3.1 billion M3 coke oven gas, 750,000 t tar and 250,000 t benzol, and the production capacity of 150,000t carbon black, Baosteel Chemical's tar processing capacity ranks No.5 in the world, No.1 in China and has the scale advantages to develop into a world class coal chemical enterprise.

Its main products have over 50 varieties including refined coke oven gas, benzene, naphthalenes, phenols, quinolines, oils, cumarone, ammonium sulfate, carbazole, anthraquinone, pitch coke, and carbon black series, which are extensively applied in the fields of building, medical, pesticide, plastic, tyre and dye, etc. Baosteel brand refined naphthalene is appraised as national customer's satisfaction product.

In 2010, Baosteel Chemical realized a total operating revenue of RMB 9.63 billion and a profit of RMB 704 million.

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