The engineering technology service sector of Baosteel Group is represented by the newly established subsidiary Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as "Baosteel Engineering") as the flagship. In Baosteel's new round development, the strategic objective of Baosteel's engineering technology service sector is to become the internationalized engineering technology service provider for large-scaled industrial and urban construction projects; by means of consolidating the internal and external resources in the field of engineering technology, the "5+3+1" business portfolio structure with engineering technology, IT, equipment manufacturing, steel structure, and iron & steel technology service as the traditional pillar industries, energy and environmental protection, steel structure housing and new business of rolls as the emerging development industries and the overseas business as the shared synergetic business platform; it undertakes the task of Baosteel's independent integration and innovation, masters the key engineering technologies, and possesses the capability of integral engineering integration, provides the industrialized output platform of iron & steel process equipment technologies, and coordinates the reduction of project investment and the efficiency improvement of the equipment operation and maintenance system of main steel business.

Due to the internal business adjustment of Baosteel Group in 2010, in addition to the former Baosteel Engineering Technology Corporation and its subsidiaries, Baosteel Engineering Technology Group also includes Baosight Software, Baosteel Maintenance, Baosteel Inspection, Baohua Tendering, Baosteel Construction, Baochan Light Housing, Architectural Design & Research Institute, Baochan Sanhe Doors and Jinyi Detection.

Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Established on August 5, 1999 and renamed in December 2009, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group Corporation with a registered capital of RMB 920 million.

Baosteel Engineering sets up the professional business units for smelting, steel rolling, architectural project, environmental protection & utility, electrical and automation, possesses over 10 subsidiaries including Changzhou Baoling Heavy & Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. and Baosteel SMMP Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and has the capability to organize and manage the construction of large-scaled engineering projects. After resources consolidation, Baosteel Engineering has formed the core business of engineering technology consultation, information service, equipment manufacture, iron & steel technology service, steel structure, energy efficiency technology service and holds over 20 Class A qualifications and the management right of overseas project contracting issued by the state.

In 2010, Baosteel Engineering consolidated the steel structure business of Baosteel Group, optimized the internal resources, enhanced technological capability and accomplished the annual operating targets in an all-round way. It realized a sales revenue of RMB 12.94 billion and a profit of RMB 690 million.

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