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Baosteel’s long and mid-term human resources development plan (2010-2020) was formally released.
The 2011 Baosteel Annual Work Conference was held, which proposed to seriouslyimplement the new round of development planningand make the company better and stronger.
The 2010 Baosteel Person of the Yearawarding ceremony was held at the Opera Hall of Shanghai Oriental Art Center.
Baosteel Crade3 bearing steel, which included three product grades, passed the quality certification of the world’s leading Sweden bearing manufacturer SKF. Crade3K is the highest level of high carbon chromium bearing steel.
Baosteel successfully produced B96LX extremely high strength steel cord wire rod. According to inspection, the product performance has reached all the design requirements, which symbolizes that Baosteel's capability to manufacture steel cord has reached the international advanced level, and has covered all series of steel cord wire rod products.
The -50℃ spherical tank slab independently developed by Baosteel was successfully put into application, breaking the foreign monopoly.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. passed the National Energy Management System Certification, becoming one of the first certified enterprises among domestic iron and steel peers.
Baosteel drill rod successfully drilled 8023 meters deep into underground in Tarim Oilfield, creating the new record of ultra-deep well drilling by China-made rod.
At the Appraisal Meeting of Central Enterprises Participating in the 2010 Shanghai Expo held by the SASAC of the State Council,Baosteel was granted the Outstanding Contribution Award of Central Enterprise Participating in 2010 World Expo; Baosteel Corporate Culture Department (World Expo Office) and World Expo CPC Working Group was honored as the Advanced Group of Central Enterprises Participating in 2010 World Expo; and five staff, i.e. Ouyang Yingpeng, Fu Shuizhong, Pu Kangguo, Jiang Qingdi and Zuo Sen, won the title of Advanced Individual of Central Enterprises Participating in 2010 World Expo.
Baosteel Human Resources Management Standards BS-HR8000 (Interim) was released, signifying Baosteel has entered into the stage of standardized and professional human resources management which allows independent innovation of departments and stimulates unified development of the Group.
The first session of Enhancing Professional Ability Training Program was held, unveiling the two-year training series aimed at enhancing the professional skills of employees at Baosteel Headquarters.
Baosteel continued to promote the building of green industrial chain and has been the first in the steel industry to release the Green Procurement Guideline.
Baosteel signed strategic cooperation agreement with Fujian province and took the opportunity of the restructuring of Fujian Desheng Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. to build a green manufacturing base of stainless steel.
Baosteel got the contract on 43,000 tons of sea pipe for the South China Sea deepwater natural gas pipeline, marking Baosteel UOE thick-walled pipeline has extended from the land toward the ocean.
Jointly funded by Baosteel Chemical,Bsteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel Joint Coking Company, Shanghai B-chem E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was set up, becoming the first online information and trading platform in China’s coal chemical industry.
Baosteel, LanzaTech from New Zealand and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly kicked off the world’s first pilot project on using exhaust of steel plants to make ethanol in Luojing, Shanghai.
Baosteel Group Corporation was listed among the “2010 World’s Most Admired Companies” by the Fortune magazine and ranked 7th in the global metal industry.
Baosteel Group Corporation ranked 3rd on the list of Global Top 20 Steel Enterprises.
Baosteel (Changshu) Leadership Development Center, also known as Baosteel Shanghu Village, was officially opened.
Baosteel-Australia Joint R&D Center was established. It is the first overseas joint development center set up by Baosteel, and is an integral part of Baosteel’s overall strategy of internationalized deployment of R&D resources.
Baosteel and China National Coal Group Corp inked framework agreement for strategic cooperation, ushering in the all-round cooperation between the two parties in trade, resources development and information communication, etc.
Three projects of Baosteel were granted the 2010 China Quality Technical Awards by China Association for Quality, of which the “research on key technology of e-procurement and supply chain collaboration under game-based bidding model” conducted jointly with Bsteel won the first prize.
Baosteel Group Corporation won the 2nd China Industrial Award.
The super-large ship “Baotan”, with drought depth of 13.5 meters and load capacityof 115,000 tons, berthed at Baosteel Raw Materials Wharf carrying imported iron ores, setting a new record of draft depth in the deepwater channel of the Yangtze River and signifying the successful docking between Baosteel raw materials terminal and the deepwater channel of the Yangtze River.
The X100 steel grade UOE longitudinal submerged welded pipe with the largest wall thickness and diameter in China was successfully tried out by Baosteel.
Baosteel signed strategic cooperation framework agreement with Harbin Electric Corporation.
Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions named the first 20 “Model Innovation Workshopsin Shanghai”, of which Baosteel Kong Liming Electrical Technology Innovation Workshop ranked first.
Baosteel exclusively released the Green Declaration and Product Environment Statement in the steel industry, manifesting the company’s firm determination to implement the scientific outlook on development and adhering to the road of green development. Meanwhile, it is also a major progress to disclose the environmental performance of the products in Chinese steel industry.
China’s first 840,000 kVA /500 kV main transformer made of Baosteel oriented silicon steel with high magnetic induction was officially put into operation at the Three Gorges underground power station, breaking China’s dependence on imports of high-grade oriented silicon steel for large transformers
Baosteel Leadership, a book with Liu Guosheng, Vice Chairman and Party Secretary of Baosteel Group Corporation as the chief editor,was published.
Youth League School of Baosteel was reopened.
Luo Huining, Governor of Qinghai Province and Deputy Secretary of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, paid a visit to Baosteel.
In response to Baosteel leaders' requirement for brand building, Baosteel invited Chief Senior Consultant Dr. Philip Kotler and Global Chairman Milton Kotler of Kotler Advisory Group to give lectures on brand management.
Baosteel ranked 212th on the 2011 Fortune Global 500 list with revenue of RMB272.984 billion and net profit of RMB23.159 billion.
Baosteel Group Corporation won the “2010 China Charity Award – Most Caring Domestic Enterprise”, the third time that Baosteel was granted with China Charity Award. This Award is hosted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and is the highest government award in China’s charity field.
Baosteel released the 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, proposing to “implement the idea of environmental-friendly operations and embrace the new era of the steel industry”.
Baosteel Environment-friendly Product Handbook was published. As the first steel enterprise publishing this handbook in the state, Baosteel is aiming to convey the concept of forging green industrial chain to the clients and pushing forward the development of environmental protection together with the clients.
Baosteel signed agreement with the government of Shanghai Municipality to become one of the first three central enterprises to settled in the EXPO Park.
Initiated by Baosteel Group Corporation, China’s first fabricated steel civil industrial technology innovation strategic alliance was officially established in Shanghai, bringing together 23 industry-leading enterprises, higher education institutions and research institutions.
Baosteel Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association was established.
The laboratory testing and nondestructive testing of Baosteel Special Steel Business Unit passed the Nadcap certification (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) successively, the top standard in international aerospace field.
Baosteel swept 98 awards at the 20th National Invention Exhibition, including 25 golden prizes, 28 silver prizes and 45 copper prizes.
Baosteel held the 2011 Staff Economic and Technological Innovation Forum themed “position innovation and corporate competitiveness.
Baosteel Metal and Baosteel Resources held the signing ceremony to introduce the tenure system for leaders of Baosteel on a trial basis.
Baosteel donated millions to the earthquake- stricken area in Shigatse, Tibet.
Guinea's President Alpha Conde visited Baosteel.
National Conference on Production Safety Training and Talent Fostering was held in Baosteel.
The BG2250-125 BGC nickel base alloy casing products with the domestic largest specification and highest grade was successfully developed in Baosteel.
Younglim Choi, member of the Standing Committee of Political Bureau of Labour Party and Prime Minister of DPRK, visited Baosteel.
Baosteel Group Corporation was listed among the “Most Admired Companies” by the Fortune magazine.
The 2011 China Metallurgical Science and Technology Award was unveiled, and Baosteel’s project of “R&D on process and complete set of equipment for high speed pickling and rolling of ultra-thin steel strip” won the only special prize.
“Baoshipping 18", the first ship manufactured by Baosteel Shipping, berthed at Baosteel Co., Ltd. Raw Material Wharf safely, signifying thesmooth completion of its maiden voyage.
Baosteel ranked 359 on the list of “2011 Global 500 Green Enterprises” released by the U.S. News Week.
Baosteel won 3 golden prizes and 1 copper prize at the 63rd International Innovation Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.
The Trade Union of Baosteel Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the National Ten Red Flag Units by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU).
Baosteel Children’s Welfare Institute in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai, was completed and put into operation.
Baosteel won the gold prize at the 2011 China International Industry Fairs with its project on “advanced high-strength strip products, processesand equipment”.
Baosteel exhibited 8 projects at the 5th International Warsaw Invention Show and won 7 golden prizes and 1 silver prize.
The Corporate Social Responsibility Bluebook 2011 released by China’s Academy of Social Sciences rated Baosteel at 7th in terms of the Social Responsibility Development Index.
Baosteel Group Corporation won the title of 12th National Advanced Units for Professional Ethnics and won the National LaborAward.
The hot load test of Baosteel oriented silicon steel phase II project was conducted, marking that the phase II project was completed and put into production comprehensively.
The 2010 CSR Report of Baosteel was awarded with Excellent Innovation Award of Global Model Report in the selection of the UN Global Compact - Model Report Award of China Corporate Social Responsibility.
The awarding ceremony of 2011 Baosteel Education Award was held.
Baosteel successfully issued 3.6-billion offshore RMB-denominated bonds in Hong Kong. It is the first time that Chinese mainlandnon-financial enterprise has issued bonds directlyin Hong Kong.
Experience Exchange of Central Enterprise Employees on Economic and TechnologicalInnovation was held in Baosteel.
The “Zhaobao Action Plan – Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” was signed by and between Baosteel and China Merchants Group.
The Sixth Plenary Session of the Third Committee of Baosteel CPC Branch was held, at which the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of Corporate Culture and the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Building of Party Branch (Interim) were deliberated and approved.
All formalities for the steel bases of Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. in Baicheng county, Aksu and Yili city were completed, marking the strategic development planning of Bayi Steel has entered a substantive stage.
The new product of one-time dry powder enamel steel developed by Baosteel passed the certification of Howden UK, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric environmental equipment. This product, the first of its kind in China, will be widely applied to the flue gas desulfurization and denitrification at thermal power plant.
At the 2011 China Independent Innovation Annual Meeting, Baosteel was awarded as one of “China's Top Ten Innovative Enterprises”.