Baosteel Group Corporation was granted the Outstanding Contribution Award for Central Enterprises Participating in 2010 World Expo and was recognized by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the Top 100 Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Performers, which was released for the first time by Fortune (China), and ranked 5th among the top 50 local enterprises and 1st among the 12 selected local companies in the raw material industry.
Baosteel Group Corporation was listed among the “2010 Most Admired Companies of the World” by the American Fortune magazine and ranked 7th in the global metal industry.
Baosteel Group Corporation won the 2nd China Industrial Award, which is the highest and most influential award in the industry at home.
five projects of Baosteel received Shanghai Science and Technology Awards. Among them, three projects won the second prizes, including the development of high-performance enamel steel sheet, the advance of sintering flue gas desulfurization technology and the development of high sulphur resistant oil casing products; two projects won the third prizes, i.e. the research on surface quality control of 1800 cold rolled sheet, and the development and application of seawater corrosion resistant steel and supporting weldingmaterials.
Baosteel won the award of “2010 Golden Bee - Leading Enterprise”, the highest prize on the honor roll of the Golden Bee Corporate Social Responsibility - China List.
Baosteel Group Corporation was granted the Shanghai Municipal Special Award for Professional Ethics by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.
Baosteel ranked 18th on the 2011 List of 500 Brands with Most Values in China published by the World Brand Lab, with an increase of RMB11.563 billion in brand value.
Baosteel moved up to 212th on the Fortune Global 500 listfrom 276th in 2010.
Baosteel Group Corporation won the “2010 China Charity Award – Most Caring Domestic Enterprise”. This is the third time that Baosteel was granted with the China Charity Award.
Baosteel swept 98 awards with its inventions at the 20th National Invention Exhibition and was granted the Excellent Display Award by the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition.
Baosteel Group Corporation won the honour of “2010 Leading Central Enterprise of Financial Management".
three projects of Baosteel were granted the 2010 China Quality Technical Awards by China Association for Quality, of which the “research on key technology of e-procurement and supply chain collaboration under game-based bidding model” got the first prize; the other two projects on “the control technology of large-scale hot dip galvanizing unit strip” and “outer plate quality improvement of cold-rolled high-quality home appliances" both won the third prizes.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. won the title of 2009-2010 Annual National Quality Work Advanced Unit, the highest honour in the field of quality management in China.
Baosteel Group Corporation was granted the honour of 2011 Advanced Unit for Statistics in Steel Industry and was cited by China Iron and Steel Association.
two achievements of Baosteel received the first prizes in the selection of 2011 Metallurgical Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements, i.e. the “Innovation and Practice of Management Auditing Mode for Large Transnational Companies" by Auditing Department of Baosteel Group Corporation and "Monitoring of Trade Friction Risk under Global Horizon and the Construction and Implementation of Response System" by Marketing Management Department of Baosteel Ltd.
Baosteel won the gold prize at the 2011 China International Industry Fairs with its project on “advanced high-strength strip products, processes and equipment”.
Baosteel ranked 359 among the “2011 Global 500 Green Enterprises”.
Baosteel Group Corporation won the title of 12thNational Advanced Units for Professional Ethnics and won the NationalLabor Award.
five achievements of Baosteel won the 2011 China Metallurgical Science and Technology Awards, among which the project of "R&D on process and complete set of equipment for high speed pickling and rolling of ultra-thin steel strip" was awarded the only special prize.
the 2010 CSR Report of Baosteel was awarded with Excellent Innovation Award of Global Model Report in the selection of the UN Global Compact - Model Report Award of China Corporate Social Responsibility.
three world-renowned rating agencies gave Baosteel the highest credit rating in the industry. S & P’s and Moody’s rated Baosteel at “A” and “A3” respectively, both with outlook “stable”; Fitch Ratings affirmed “A-”, with supply chain performance outlook “stable”, enabling Baosteel to become one of the companies with the highest ratings in the global steel industry. 1
8 projects of Baosteel won gold and silver prizes in the 63rd German Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition, accounting for half of the awards won by Chinese exhibitors.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. was selected as one of “China’s Most Respected Knowledge-based Organizations” and won the individualaward for “Best Knowledge and Technology Applications”.
Baosteel Co., Ltd. was honored as the “Most Socially Responsible Listed Company” on the “2011 Reputation List of Chin’sListed Companies”.
two management innovation achievements of Baosteel received the first prize and the second prize respectively in the selection of 2011 Metallurgical Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements, i.e. the “Democratic Employee Management based on Three Core Systems in Large State-owned Enterprises” by the Trade Union of Baosteel Group Corporation and the “Monitoring of Trade Friction Risk and the Construction and Implementation of Response System from a Global Perspective” by theMarketing Management Department of Baosteel Co., Ltd.
Baosteel was selected as one of China’s Annual Top 10 Innovative Companies with its comprehensive advantages in innovation management, technology and other aspects.