For many years, Baosteel insists in technology innovation, persistently increases the inputs in R&D, energetically drives the construction of system capability, actively explores innovations of mechanism and management, extensively carries out activities of technology innovation and possesses a batch of technologies and achievements of independent intellectual property. By 2010, Baosteel possessed 5464 authorized patents (including 1001 invention patents), a lot of its key innovation achievements have been commended by the state, province, city and industry, among which "Research on the varieties, production and application technologies of Baosteel high grade automotive sheets" was awarded the first prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress, "A new technology of granulating the steel-making slag in a safe and environmental way as resources ", and "Comprehensive technology of utilizing and reducing the emission of by-product gas for steel enterprises", etc. were awarded second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress.

As the first batch of national innovation type enterprise, Baosteel is extensively recognized by the state and the society for its technology innovation work. Baosteel's Technology Center is the first national level enterprise technology center, with the ranking leading the industry for years. It received the "Achievement prize of enterprise technology center accredited by the state"; selected within the first 3 places of "Top 100 (industry) of Chinese enterprises' independent innovation"; received the most highly regarded prize in industry field "China Industry Award" in 2011.

Technical Innovation System Construction

Baosteel development outline for the technological innovation system confirmed the guideline, target and task of the development of technological innovation system and it came up with the target of building a research & development, engineering integration and continuous improvement which are 3 major technological innovation subsystems. Through years of working, the 3 major systems has already formed their preliminary structures.

Product R&D and technological service

By adherence to the R&D mode of premium products plus service, we have formed out technical advantage. The premium products derived from technological innovation and correct judgement on market demands; service comes out of true understanding of the market economy and continuous investment in years. A batch of premium products have been built for auto sheet, silicon steel and steel for energy applications. We have offered out support to the material demands by national economy and key projects in the country.

Research of frontier technology

We attached great importance to the cutting-edge research in the steel industry by developing frontier technologies like strip casting, NANO technology, non-BF iron making, jet-spray forming and vacuum coating etc. We also aimed at strategic newly-rising industries and technological hot spots; actively cultivate our future competitive advantage; actively carried out technology source searching and discretion in strategic newly-rising industries like new energy, new material and new-energy automobiles etc. So as to plan for one batch of blue ocean projects.

IPR strategy

We took the lead to promulgate and implement the IPR strategy blueprint,; systematically built up IPR produce, defend and attack systems and established featured IPR management mode. By means of continuous reinforcing the combination of standards and IPR, we have realized a positive interactions between standards and IPR, accelerated the standardization of new technologies, utilized the leading role of standards, elevated Baosteel's voice in the aspects of industry standards.


Strategic cooperation among industry, university, research institute and application

we adhered to the "open road of independent innovation and integration" and actively promote cluster type cooperation between production, universities and research institutes. We have developed strategic cooperation with 8 universities or institutes like Shanghai Jiaotong University, Northeastern University, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Central Engineering and Research Incorporation of Iron and Steel Industry etc.; we have established cooperation relationship with more than 30 universities and scientific research institutes like Colorado School of Mines, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology etc. We have also built up a Baosteel-Australia combined research and development center and realized international configuration of R&D resources.

By continuously reinforcing the strategic cooperation with out customers, we have signed on long-term technological cooperation agreements with companies in automotive, home appliances and energy industries. We have built up the application technology combined laboratory and technological innovation league and established the production chain innovation system of production, universities, research institutes and applications.

Iron & Steel combined research fund

The Iron & Steel combined research fund was commonly initiated and founded by the fund committee and Baosteel. By adopting the running mechanism of science and democracy, fair competition and innovation encouragement, the fund was open for the whole country and it mainly provided fund for basic research projects which are of significant scientific meaning and application value with respect to metallurgical new technology and related process, material, energy, environmental, equipment and information etc. Which are urgently needed by the development of the iron and steel industry in the country. It is the major measure by Baosteel to support the technological development of the iron and steel industry and actively merge into the national technological innovation system.