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Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Baosteel) is a typical enterprise founded and developed amid China's reform and opening-up. Its construction commenced by the side of the Yangtze River, in Baoshan District, Shanghai on December 23, 1978, only one day after the closing of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh CPC Central Committee. After over 30 years of development, Baosteel has become China's most competitive iron and steel enterprise with the highest level of modernization. Baosteel made its way into the Fortune Global 500 for the ninth consecutive time and ranked 197th in 2012. Moreover, it was rated as the "World's Most Admired Company". According to Standard & Poor's,Moody's and Fitch,Baosteel's credit ratings are A, A3 and A- respectively, with a stable prospect. It is evident that Baosteel enjoys the highest credit rating in the global iron and steel industry. At the end of 2011, Baosteel has a total of 116,702 employees scattered around the world.

With its primary operation in iron and steel, Baosteel produces quality steel with high technological content and high value added, offering three major series of products, i.e., carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel. The output in 2011 registered 44.27 million tons and the total profit amounted to RMB18.15 billion, respectively ranking fourth and second among iron and steel enterprises around the world. Our quality steel products not only satisfy domestic demand, but also get exported via our worldwide marketing network to more than forty countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Europe and America, to be widely used in industries such as automobile, home appliances, petrochemical, machinery, energy, transportation, metalwork, aviation, nuclear power, electronic instruments, etc.

Centering on the requirements of the its primary operation in iron and steel, Baosteel endeavors to develop multiple industries with focus laid on the steel supply chain, technical chain and resource chain to strengthen the integration of external resources and uplift its overall competitiveness and status in the industry. Baosteel holds six business segments, namely resource development and logistics, secondary steel processing, engineering and technology services, coal chemical financial investment and production services, forming a structure in which all business segments develop in good coordination.

Looking into the future, Baosteel will uplift its capabilities in cutting-edge technologies, satisfying services, information-based operations, environment management, and combination of production and finance, to grow from a national enterprise to a global one, extend its business to cover more materials in addition to iron and steel, and transform from a manufacturer to a service provider. By this means, we seek to realize the vision of becoming a leader of iron & steel technology, a driver of the green industry and a corporate model for common development of employees and the enterprise.

Corporate Vision

Corporate Mission
To become the first class supplier of steel products, technologies and services in the world.
Core Value
Good faith and synergy.

Corporate Vision
To become the leader of steel technologies; the driver of green industries; the corporate model for common development of employees and enterprise.
The strategic target
To become a world-class public company worldwide, which owns independent IPR and powerful competitiveness and wins most of the social respects, and which is featuring "the most powerful steelmaking capability and the appropriately developed diversification", so as to become the elite of Global 500.
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