Hot Rolled Steel Product

Hor Rolled Steel

HR Steel Sheet(Pickled) Product

Hot-roLLed Pickled Automotive Steel Sheets

CR Steel Sheet Product

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
Tinplate and Tin Free Steel
Hot-dip Al-Zn Coated Steel Sheets
Chromate-Free Anti-Fingerprinting Electrogalvanized Steel Sheets
Cold Rolled Automotive Steel Sheets
Prepainted Steel Sheets
Appliance Steel

Pipe & Tube Product

Baosteel Tube
Electic-Resistance-Welded Pipe
UOE Longitudinal Seam Submerged-Arc Welded Pipe
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Premium Connection Tubing and Casing
Drill pipe
Boiler Tube & Pipe

Bar Product

Long Steel

Wire Rod Product

Wire Rod

Heavy Plate Product

Heavy Plate

Stainless Steel Product

Stainless Steel

Special Steel Product

Stainless Steel Long Products
Tool & Die Steel
Alloys Plate and Sheet
Structural Steel Long Products
Special Alloy Steel Tube
Special Metallurgy Products


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