The financial investment sector of Baosteel Group is represented by the wholly-owned subsidiary Hwabao Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as "Hwabao Investment") as the flagship. In Baosteel's new round development, the strategic objective of Hwabao Investment is to become a first-class financial solution provider with Hwabao's feature; on the basis of possessing securities, trusts and funds, the company gradually improves the financial service function, gives play to the advantages of comprehensive finance, provides all-round finance service including research, investment and finance, acquisition and merger for the main steel business and other related sectors of the group, and explores the new route to expand the integration of industry with finance. The company strengthens the management and control of Baosteel's existing financial resources, and expands the existing finance business through effective consolidation and optimization to increase its value of stock right; the company exerts the resources advantages in upstream and downstream industrial chains, utilizes the existing financial resources and fund advantages of the company to develop stock right investment business.

Huabao Investment Co., Ltd.

Huabao Investment was founded in March, 2007 and registered at Pudian Road No.370, Pudong District, Shanghai with total registered capital of RMB 6.868 billion(completely cash), and it is a fully-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group.

Based on continuous exploration in the 11th five year plan period, Baosteel Group has reached a consensus to have coordinated development between the iron and steel core business and other multiple businesses, and financial business is one of those confirmed critical multiple businesses by Baosteel. In the new round of development planning of Baosteel Group, real estate combined with financial business has become the best conjunction of coordinated development of Baosteel core business and financial business. Huabao Investment, as the flagship company of Baosteel Group's financial sector, set a strategic target of world class financial solution service supplier with Baohua features: on the basis of manageing trust, fund and securities, Baohua Investment shall improve its financial service functions and utilize its general financial advantages to provide comprehensive financial service of research, investment and financing, merge & acquisition etc.

The main responsibility of Huabao Investment is managing Baosteel's present financial resources and boosting its share equity value by effective integration and optimization so as to expand the present financial business; conduct equity investment business by use of Baosteel Group's strong background and its upstream /downstream resource advantage and its financial resources and capital advantage.

In 2010, the financial sector contributed a total revenue of RMB 2.471 billion, a total profit of RMB 1.688 billion, net profit of RMB 1.398 billion and the Rate of Return on Equity (ROE) is 12.03%. By end of 2010, the asset under management had reached a scale of RMB 152 billion (among which self-owned asset is RMB 15 billion and client asset is RMB 137 billion)

And among this, Huabao Investment's business revenue reached approx. RMB 799 million and a total profit of RMB 777 million with a managing asset scale of RMB 8.69 billion.

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