Baosteel Branch: Create the harmonious environment in which human and nature coexist.
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Combining 11th Five-Year-Plan, Baosteel Branch insisted on guiding pollution improvement and environment protection with scientific development view and tried to create the harmonious environment in which human and nature coexist according to the principle of "Unite the environmental value, the social value and the economic value".

Up to now, the accumulate investment went up to about 6 billion, with which Baosteel Branch has built more than 300 sets of various environmental facilities. Green land area in our factory has increased from 1.08 million square meters during the operation to over 7.74 million, 40% of the total land area. The per capita green area has reached to over 500 square meters

In green managing, planting and maintaining, Baosteel Branch and Factory Appearance Greening Company of Development Company adhered to the road of sustainable development of green management. Our branch has planted   camphor, oleander, Loropetalum etc more than 540 sorts of anti-SO2, anti-F, and Cl2 retentive disease-resistant evergreen plants, which took 85% of the total woody plants amount. Meanwhile, functional departments of Baosteel Branch and Factory Appearance Greening Company kept on building bamboo garden, plum garden, osmanthus garden etc various kinds of ecological gardens to promote the further ornamental value. Nowadays the plant of Baosteel Branch seems like huge green environment-protective "Garden", which is very enjoyable and refreshing.
Last year, Baosteel Branch was given the honor of "National Environment-Friendly Enterprise" by Environmental Protection Agency, which was the highest honor of national environmental protection field.

Stainless Steel Branch: Built 500,000 square meters green land area in 5 years

Nowadays Stainless Steel Branch looks all in green. Locust tree, Callistemon rigidus etc almost hundreds varieties of green make the steel land full of vigor.

Stainless Steel Branch has newly built about 500,000 square meters green land area since 5 years. The green coverage rate increased from 8.4% to 22.1%, which made it the enterprise with the fastest growing of green area in Baoshan Zone.

Stainless Steel Branch carried out an integrated greening by the construction of ecotype garden plant. Our branch made a organic combination of shrubs, trees and ground covers during planting, which promoted the ornamental effect and also improved the survival rate by means of maintaining by specifically appointed personnel. Stainless Steel Branch invested more than 13 million Yuan in greening, and built 63,000 square meters of green land area last year. As follow-up projects launch, our branch will try the best to increase the green by 40,000 square meters this year, reach the green cover rate of 23% and realize the harmonious development of enterprise and environment.

Number Five Steel, Special Steel Branch: Complete the construction of the two main green areas.

As production lines were rebuilt and strength of plant construction continuously increased, Number Five Steel, Special Steel Branch accelerated the greening construction, and will complete about 60,000 square meters of greening including the two main green area within this year to reach the green cover rate of plant to 30%.

Number Five Steel, Special Steel Branch increased the greening investment for the plant since 2002. Up to the end of last year, our branch has planted 253.000 square meters of greens and reached a cover rate of 28.78%.

The construction of two main green areas, namely the green belt along light rail and the landscape around newly built plant area, is the key point of the greening project this year. Now the planting of Metasequoia and camphor in surrounding of green belt along light rail is almost finished. The planting of varieties of greens inside will be carried on within this year. At that time, the 1000 meters along light rail will be covered with green belt. The total area of greening project for newly built plant goes up to 11,500 square meters, which will be finished within first half this year. After the two main green area are completely finished, Number Five Steel, Special Steel Branch will become the new symbol "industry garden" in Wu Song area.

Luojing Plant of Pugang: The green cover rate up to 30%.

The new project of Luojing plant of Pugang which is still under construction takes the greening as an important issue and has made clear to reach the green cover rate up to 30%.
Luojing project, using the cleanest and modernist COREX technique, says good bye to the traditional blast furnace, sintering and coking process. Due to which it can minimize the emission of pollution and improve the producing environment efficiently. Pugang pay a lot of attention on the plant greening in the Luojing project, set the goal to reach the green cover rate up to 30% according to the requirement of "Building environment-friendly enterprises, establishing purity factory". The area of green in planning is almost equal to that of factory buildings, utility facilities, office buildings etc in the whole plant which covers more than 3.2 million square meters, and reaches 968.400 square meters. Meanwhile, our Branch also selects dust-proof, noise absorbable and anti-disease trees and flowers according to different producing units to realize the goal of purity producing.

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