2012 Baosteel Technology Innovation Award Results Announced

2012 Baosteel Technology Innovation Award significant achievements are announced recently and  28 results win awards. 3 projects including "high-grade non-oriented silicon steel manufacturing technology development and industrialization" win the first prize. 7 projects including "large-scale blast furnace intelligent expert system development V1.0" win the second prize. 18 projects including "Baosteel first generation efficient intelligent slab reheating furnace self-development and  integration" win the third prize.

To fully mobilize scientific and technical personnel technological innovation, enhance Baosteel technological innovation ability and accelerate the formation of Baosteel core technology development and significant proprietary technology, after Baosteel expert review and recommendation and Group Corporation technological innovation committee's approval, 28 2012 Baosteel Technology Innovation Award significant achievements are announced. The award-winning coverage is wider compared with previous times. In addition to Baosteel directly linked factories, Meishan Steel, Baosteel Engineering, Baosteel International, Baosteel Stainless Steel, Baosteel Special Material, Bayi Steel all have award winning projects, which shows Baosteel technological innovation capability's overall improvement.

Among 3 projects which win the first prize, "high-grade non-oriented silicon steel manufacturing technology development and industrialization"combines several years of research and development and is the successful development of highgrade non-oriented silicon steel production with one time cold rolling core manufacturing technology which is internationally advanced and represents the highest non-oriented silicon steel technical level. The product quality has reached the international advanced level of similar products. It also independently integrates international advanced level high-grade non-oriented silicon steel production line equipment and achieves high-grade non-oriented silicon steel product industrialization.

The high efficiency serie is applied in large quantities to high efficiency small and medium-sized motors, high efficiency air conditioning and refrigerator compressors. The high-grade products, after being reviewed by experts organized by State Council Three Gorges Office, are successfully applied to large-scale hydro and thermal power generation. The product performance is at international advanced level and greatly improves our country's non-oriented silicon steel production equipment and manufacturing technology level. "Efficient RH vacuum refining critical technology and industrial application" project development and innovation helps to form a serialization of efficient RH vacuum processing equipment, control technology and appropriate technology, developing at the same time RH deep decarbonization, RH deep desulphurization, inclusion cleaning, RH refractories longevity and chrome-free key technology. The successful application of the subject helps to achieve mass production of low carbon IF steel with carbon content ≤ 13ppm and high-grade non-oriented silicon steel with sulfur content ≤ 10ppm. Its efficient RH vacuum equipment and molten steel cleanliness control have reached the international advanced level. "Auto exhaust system ferrite stainless steel product development" overcomes auto ultra-purity ferrite stainless steel ultra-low temperature continuous casting blocking, hot roller track, cold annealing grain size control technical bottleneck. It is the first in the country to complete auto exhaust system stainless steel products B409M, B436L, B439M B429 and B441 consistent system manufacturing technology development. Its product application properties such as welding, forming, anti-corrosion, fatigue and oxidation performance indicators have reached international advanced level and replaced imported products. The products are applied in quantities to domestic and foreign brand cars. The three first prize subjects all form a number of invention patents and technology secrets.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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