Hwabao Trust Gains Entrusted Overseas Wealth Management Business Qualification

Recently, the China Banking Regulatory Commission approves the qualification of HwabaoTrust Co., Ltd.'s being entrusted with the overseas wealth management business. As a result, Hwabao Trust has become one of the few members of Qualified Domestic Investors (QDII). This will help Hwabao Trust to broaden the existing investment channels, enrich product lines and provide customers with more comprehensive wealth management solutions and global asset allocation services.

Since its estsblishment in 1998, Hwabao Trust adheres to standardizedr operations, learning and innovation andsteady development. The financial indicators are always steady and it has a good reputation in the industry. It has accumulated a wealth of experience in the investment field and has the ability to develop overseas investment.So far, Hwabao Trust's trust scheme has never been less than the expected rate of return. From 2006 to2011, the total liquidation of the Trust Project are 541,with 100% of successful payment rate.The size of the management of trust assets by the end of 2011 is over 180 billion yuan (including annuities), ranking in the forefront in the industry.

QDII are domestic investors ' overseas investment channels, as China has bot opened up capital projects. Since the first QDII fund was established in 2007, they have been rapidly developed in different areas: banks, funds, brokerage, insurance, trust, etc. With the trend of economic globalization, the demand for overseas investment of domestic institutions and individuals continue to increase, and many of them are personalized needs.Hwabao Trust's QDII application is adapted to market demand, and will give full play to the advantages of the company in the field of asset management business.

Different from overseas wealth management business in other financial institutions, Hwabao Trust 's entrusted overseas wealth management business development strategy is to "meet customer needs through product differentiation innovation, and to provide customers with wealth management solutions through global asset allocation. " The company will provide personalized overseas wealth management solutions and global asset allocation service based on customer specific risk preferences and investment needs.

As an important part of corporate strategy development, Hwabao Trust follows the requirements of the "Trust Companies' Overseas Wealth Management Business Interim Measures " and does comprehensive and detailed preparatory work in the operating system, personnel and system. First, for the characteristics and requirements of trusted overseas wealth management business , it sets up a complete management and operation system.Secondly, it introduces professional investment managers with experience in overseas investment.Finally, it establishes management computer systems and trusted overseas wealth management business system including Bloomberg information system, Xiening investment research platform, Hang Seng securities investment and trading system.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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