Baosteel Special Material Completes AP1000 Unit Supply Contract

Haiyang and Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant first batch of AP1000 unit project stainless steel rods contract undertaken by Baosteel Special Material is now successfully completed, which marks that Baosteel Special Material has become a domestic qualified supplier of key component material of the AP1000 nuclear power. AP1000 nuclear technology is the third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant technology designed and developed by Westinghouse. In order to achieve localization of the AP1000 nuclear technology and material, Baosteel Special Material bears the development work of the stainless steel rods of nuclear reactor components. AP1000 nuclear power units manufacturing uses ASME material standards and ASTM material testing standards, which raises special technical standards for material development and production. Due to high technical demands and diverse varieties and specifications, the organization of production faces great challenge.

In order to complete the contract, Baosteel Special Material manufacturing department takes the lead and clarifies the various types of nuclear power production bottlenecks, and sets up a special nuclear product team to ensure that the material development and production is carried out smoothly. They also prepare the technical quality and process documents. During the contract manufacturing, nuclear power team promptly coordinates the various production detail problems and arranges the human resource and makes reasonable schedule. In the meantime, the technical staff overcome difficulties in the process, solve the large-size bars' solution heat treatment process, cold drawn bar drawing process, as well as precipitation hardening stainless steel lateral impact performance, and ultimately provide users with high quality and qualified raw materials of nuclear power products.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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