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Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Special Steel Branch is located at Wu Song Industrial zone, Baoshan district, Shanghai, with its predecessor as Shanghai No.5 Steel Plant. Set up in Sept. 1958, it was one of the earliest special steel production bases of China; Merged into Baosteel group in 1998, it was called Baosteel Shanghai Wu Gang Co. Ltd; In May 2005, the core asset of Wu Gang was procured by Baosteel, and it became the affiliated division of Baosteel. At present, Special Steel Branch has become the high quality special steel manufacturing center of Baosteel group and biggest special steel production base in China.

Special Steel Branch has state-of-the-art equipment for special type metallurgy, 100 ton ultra high power DC electrical arc furnace, 60 ton AC electrical arc furnace and advanced production line for long products special steel production, alloy bar steel, module steel, silver steel and so on. The produce and sale system is formed with the dominant products as high temperature alloy, Titanium alloy, special steel and special alloy materials as well as automobile steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, tool and die steel and so on. In addition, the traditional procedure is being optimized by advanced, applicable and information-based technology. The product has a main variety of long product as bar, pipe and wire as well as strip and forge steel, which are widely used in the field of aviation, space flight, nuclear power, automobile, mechanics, electrics, instruments, petroleum chemistry and so on. It is the essential production base for the raw materials of war industry and R & D base for new metal stuff.

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Special Steel Branch
Address: No.333, Tong Ji Road, Bao Shan District, Shanghai
Post code: 200940
Tel:(0086 21)56679080
Fax:(0086 21)56670867

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