Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as Baosteel Co., Ltd.) is the largest and most advanced integrated steel company in China. By means of leveraging comprehensive advantages such as good faith, talents, innovation, management, and technology, Baosteel Co., Ltd is also recognized as a world leading steel company by the global steel market.  According to World Steel Dynamics, the company ranks No. 3 in the world in terms of comprehensive competency; it is also believed to have the greatest development potential.

The company specializes in producing high-tech and high value-added steel products. Meanwhile it has become the main steel supplier to the industries of automobile, household appliances, oil exploration, oil and gas transmission, shipbuilding, pressure vessel and container materials in China, Baosteel also exports its products to over forty countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, the United States and European Union.

All the facilities the company possesses are based on the advanced technologies of contemporary steel smelting, cold and hot rolling processing, hydraulic sensing, real-time detection, electronic control, computer and information communications. They feature large-scale, continuity and automation and keep the most advanced technology in the world through constant technical modification and innovation.

The company adopts advanced quality management system in the world and its main products are recognized by the international authoritative institutions. They received ISO9001 certification from BSI (British Standards Institution). They were allowed to use the emblem of API (American Petroleum Institute). They obtained a certificate from JIS in Japan and passed the certification of QS9000 system by GM, Ford and Chrysler, three most famous auto makers in the world.  Baosteel`s products have also obtained recognition by seven classification societies of China, France, America, Britain, Germany, Norway and Italy.

The company boosts strong capacity in R&D of new technology, new products and new equipments, with a view to accumulate sustainable power of development.

The company attaches great importance on environment protection, and sustainable development.  It is the first one among Chinese metallic companies to obtain ISO 14001 environment certification.  Baosteel is hailed as the most beautiful plant in the world.

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