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Resource Development

Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd. (Baosteel Resources), formerly Baosteel Trade Co., Ltd., is one of the Baosteel's wholly-funded subsidiaries. Founded on July 21, 2006, it deals with sourcing business - one of six major businesses of Baosteel. In quest of all-win in the international cooperation, it keeps the global minerals sourcing within its ken, and devotes itself to supplying quality products including iron ore, coal, alloy, non-ferrous metal, stainless raw materials and scrap steel, and logistics and value-added service.


Baosteel Resources has established the long-term strategic cooperation relationships on iron ore with the renowned suppliers respectively from Australia, Brazil, India, Chilly and South Africa and the strategic cooperation relationship on coal with quite a few of Chinese large-sized coal mining enterprises. In the meantime, it has set up 4 joint-venture type or cooperation type coal subsidiaries, and held shares of 6 coal enterprises. Its nickel iron production base has been built up at home, while its Baowei Resource Co., Ltd. dedicated to the production of chromium iron has come into being in India with Indian partner's share holding. With its scrap steel processing factories scattered in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, it has also a vehicle breaking factory - a leading enterprise of the kind in Shanghai and a vessel dismantling factory, which is given the State-class qualification for obsolete vessel dismantling business as the unique qualified one in this area.


Baosteel Resources deals with iron ore and metallurgical auxiliary materials, including fine ore, lump ore, pellet, limestone, dolomite, serpentine, olivine; coals including coking coal, rich coal, PCI coal, power coal, lump coal and metallurgical coke; stainless steel raw materials including nickel, nickel iron, chromium, chromium iron, ruddle nickel ore, chromium ore; and scrap steels including cut material, baled material, clean scrap. Baosteel Resources offers additionally the logistics services such as shipment agent, forwarder, railway shipment, warehousing and storage, loading and unloading at port. And it has expanded the ocean-going transportation through the strategic cooperation with China Shipping Group.


Upholding its core value of "integrity, synergy, development, maximized corporate value", Baosteel Resources consistently strives for the joint development together with shareholder, customer, supplier, staff member and all the outside society. In accordance with the commercialization principle for business expansion, it has been improving its work in prospecting, enginnering, mining and dressing, processing, transportation and trade, making a well-tested industrial structure and enhancing its core competitiveness so as to bring itself in the ranks of the world-class mineral resources comprehensive suppliers.

Corporate name: Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd.
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