General Objectives
Recent Objectives
Responsibility and Objectives for Energy Savin
Responsibility and Objectives for Environmental Protection

General Objectives

Building up the first class green steel enterprise in the world
We are going to build Baosteel into a first class green steel enterprise in the world, which will be characterized in the following aspects:
First-class management.
All production units shall acquire corresponding environmental management system certification, with whole process tracking of management of wastes; by realizing informatization of energy and environmental management and real-time monitoring to supervise operation effect of energy and environment facilities and situation of environmental quality, find and correct environmental pollution events within plant area at real time, and realize automation of management and statistic report.
First-class technology.

It means to increase input, speed up development and application of advanced and innovative recycle economy technology, accelerate construction of advanced environmental protection facilities and comprehensive resource utilization facilities and technical renovation of existing energy saving and environmental protection facilities.

Following items should be accomplished: to promote the application of technologies, such as coking coal damping, dust dry removing method, heat accumulation combustion, combustion of low Nox, in-depth treatment of wastewater from chemical industry etc.; to construct and implement flue gas desulfurization projects of both coal-fired power plant and sintering plant in an all-round way; to turn secondary resource utilization from simple treatment to high value added utilization, so as to increase recovery production efficiency.

First-class index.
Main indexes of energy and environment should be up to those of the first class in the world: energy consumption, fresh water consumption and waste water discharge amount, discharge of pollutants, such as SO2, Nox, smoke dust, heavy metal, organic substance, dioxin, COD, SS, oil, ammonia nitrogen, phenol cyanogen etc, come up to the first class in the world.
First-class efficiency.
Outstanding energy saving efficiency with first class energy cost in the world: investment of environmental projects and operating cost of environmental facilities should be effectively decreased under the precondition of assuring the first-class environmental protection indexes. The comprehensive efficiency of resource utilization should be increased year by year, being superior over similar domestic enterprises.
First-class appearance.
With tidy and hospitable appearance of plant area by means of strict management and technological transformation, the Company shall totally eliminate black smoke and yellow smoke in plant area, effectively controlling flying dust in storage yards, roads and construction sites, and keeping match with greenbelt in plant areas, and forming a clean, orderly appearance with comfortable environment.
First-class guidance.

Baosteel should be built into a model of domestic steel industry in developing recycle economy, a main supplier of recycle economy management and technology, and a leading enterprise for sustainable development.

By participating in activities of world steel industry, it will bring back issues concerned in the world to China and bring the existing situation and requirements of China steel industry to the world. This will increase the chance to speak to the world steel industry, and become an important representative of China's steel industry in the world steel industrial arena.

Recent Objectives

To pass reaudit of "China Environment-Friendly Enterprise" in 2008;

The main energy and environmental protection indexes of Baosteel will be on the first-class level of the similar world steel enterprises in 2010, and fulfill energy saving amount and total pollutant reduction amount during the period of "the 11th five year plan" given by the national and local government;

To build up recycling steel enterprise having low consumption function for steel products, energy conversion function, social large amount wastes treatment- dissolution or absorption function in 2012, and become a leading steel enterprise developing recycle economy and following sustainable development routine.

Responsibility and Objectives for Energy Savin

Baosteel Group Co. Ltd., signed Letter of Energy Saving Target and Responsibility with the State Development & Reform Commission, promising to save energy to the amount of 1,266, 400 tons of coal equivalent during the period of "the 11th five year plan", among which Baosteel shall fulfill saving an energy to the amount of 1196400 tons of coal equivalent.

Meanwhile, Baosteel Group Co. Ltd. signed Letter of Energy Saving Target and Responsibility with Shanghai Municipal Government, which stipulates that for per RMB 10 thousand of production output Baosteel Group Co. Ltd. shall decreased 40% of energy consumption in 2010 on the basis of that in 2005, and this target will be fulfilled by main industrial companies within Baosteel Group Co., Ltd., including Baosteel Co., Ltd.

In order to assure fulfilling the energy saving task and to achieve more saving, the Company will break down total energy saving target and the energy consumption per RMB 10 thousand production value proportion target to all secondary units and then further breakdown the targets to their workshops.

Responsibility and Objectives for Environmental Protection

During "the 11th five year plan", Baosteel Co, Ltd. (including Luojing Project of Baosteel Group Co. Ltd.) signed Letter of Total Ppollutant Discharge Amount Target and Responsibility with Shanghai Municipal Government. For details, see the following table:

Shanghai Municipal Government. For details, see the following table:


Controlled total amount (ton) of 2010






Excluding the in-plant power station

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