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Based upon the Development of the State's Energy Strategy and the Environmental Demand of the Society for Energy Efficiency,Grain-oriented Silicon Steel Phase 2 Project Completed and Put into Production

At 4 pm of Nov. 17, as president Ma Guoqiang of Baosteel Ltd. announced the start of test run, the pre-rolling preparation line of Baosteel Ltd. Silicon Steel Department rumbled briskly, marking the official start of the hot load test of Baosteel Grain-oriented Silicon Steel phase 2 project. So far, Baosteel Grain-oriented Silicon Steel phase 2 project was completed and put into production comprehensively. Vice president Zhou Jianfeng of Baosteel Ltd. and the representatives from each construction participating unit attended the test run ceremony.

Grain-oriented Silicon Steel phase 2 project has a designed annual capacity of 100,000t, and consists of pre-rolling preparation line and silicon steel finishing line, etc. The process and through-going technology of phase 2 project is integrated by Baosteel Ltd. independently. MCC 13 and MCC 5 are responsible for the construction, the key process equipment adopts foreign leading technologies, and Baosteel Engineering, etc. also take part in the construction.

Since the project started construction in March last year, each functional department and construction participating unit coordinated efficiently for rapid response, carefully carried out various work of design, manufacture, construction and supervision. Up to now, each line of phase 2 project has completed equipment installation, individual test and cold test, and has entered the stage of hot load test run comprehensively. The preliminary proof shows that the function of each line is put into operation normally, the accuracy conforms to the requirements, and the process is stable. The project has realized the expected target of no safety accident, further increase of excellent ratio of projects and saving of investment, etc.

Compared with phase 1 project, the construction period of phase 2 project is curtailed by 5 months, and the investment of main equipment is cut down by 31%. 9 independently integrated new technologies such as pre-heating before rolling, grain size control model, bottom and surface quality control, etc. are applied. After phase 2 project is put into production, the production capacity, product grade and product varieties of Baosteel's grain-oriented silicon steel will be further improved and optimized, the proportion of high grade grain-oriented silicon steel and laser scribed products will be further enlarged to better satisfy the demand for grain-oriented silicon steel by the state's power transmission and transformation industry, and make more contributions to the state's green energy strategy. Moreover, the scale effect and logistics optimization brought about by the completion of phase 2 project will further cut down the manufacturing cost of grain-oriented silicon steel and increase the marginal contribution.

Zhou Jianfeng thanked each construction participating party in his speech. He said that silicons steel is the second largest strategic product of Baosteel, the construction of phase 2 project is based upon the development of the state's energy strategy and the environmental demand of the society for energy efficiency, and is an organic integral part and specific embodiment of Baosteel's strategy of "premium product+scale". He wished each department can make a good job of closed-loop management, set out from the specifics of its work, summarizes and solidifies the experiences, so as to lay a favorable foundation for the construction of follow-up projects. He called on to work in a concerted way, focus on the bottleneck and take actions in a down-to-earth way, so as to realize the rapid improvement of output, quality and profit of phase 2 project at an earlier date.

Source:Baosteel News Centre