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Baosteel Compiles High-strength Automobile Steel Standards

Recently, news comes out from National Steel Standards Committee that the "high-strength auto cold rolled steel sheet and strip system standards" and "high strength auto hot rolled steel sheet and strip series standards" drafted by Baosteel Co.,Ltd. has been officially released and will be put forward in June 1 next year. So far, Baosteel Co.,Ltd. has compiled a complete national standards system of high-strength auto steel.

This published series of standards include auto cold rolled high strength low-alloyed steel and auto cold rolled isotropic steel standards (totally eight product standards). Previously, Baosteel Co.,Ltd. has completed four national standards including the auto high-strength cold-rolled IF steel. Baosteel's compilation of national standards of high strength steel not only provides domestic auto industry with the basis for material selection, but also provide steel mills with auto steel production theoretical guidance. It fully reflects Baosteel's interpretation of the trends of automotive steel, as well as Baosteel's dominance in the field of automotive steel standards.
Baosteel has also participated in the compilation and revision of a range of important national standards closely related with auto steel, including cold-rolled low carbon steel, hot galvanized and electro-galvanized steel and continuously meets automotive industry's selection demands for sheet products.

Source:Baosteel News Centre